Spruill appointed to Rural Electrification Authority

Published 1:29 pm Friday, July 2, 2021

Paul Spruill of Washington has been appointed as a member-at-large of the North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority.

Spruill served as Beaufort County’s manager from 2003 until 2011. He also previously served as assistant county manager of Chatham County. Spruill is now general manager and CEO of Tideland Electric Membership Corporation.

The Rural Electrification Authority works to make sure that customers in predominantly rural areas of the state have access to “adequate, dependable, and affordable electric and telephone service,” according to North Carolina’s government website.

“The Authority oversees the application of the electric and telephone cooperatives rules and regulations to ensure they are administered according to the manner in which they are written,” the site says. “The Authority also receives and investigates member complaints of the cooperatives, and advises cooperatives regarding recommended changes in rules and regulations.”

Spruill’s appointment was one of many appointments and nominations to state boards and commissions announced by Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday.