Write Again…Maybe the time draws near

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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There are times when I really ponder if this column-writing avocation should be brought to a conclusion. Finis. 

Oh yes, Such times have occurred in my thought process, such as it is, more frequently of late. One of the reasons driving this thinking, is, well, our ”Model T” computer on which this weekly exercise takes place is, seemingly, dying of old age, and is as slow as a paraplegic snail. Plus, things have become “lost.” 

You see, it was passed on to us second hand, quite a few years ago. As time passed an iPad was purchased, then later my Incomparable First Wife acquired an iPhone, which is her communication mainstay. 

During this time my very meager tech skills became less and less adequate. Even though I took the requisite training during the last years of my time in education, I didn’t keep up. Truth to tell, my aptitude for things technical and mechanical is woefully weak, deficient. That “world” causes me genuine stress, something that I just don’t need in my life, especially now. As long as there are books to read, I’m good. 

So. Transmitting “Write Again” now to the Daily News has become a weekly concern. Sometimes after the column is sent to document, it just seems to disappear. Don’t ask me more, because I couldn’t answer your questions. Knowledgeable folks, even within the family, say to buy a new computer. Nope. Not going to spend that money for something to use once a week, even though I hate to let down my three readers. 

Well, then, type it on the iPad. My partner, simply, understandable, just doesn’t want to do it on a device without a standard keyboard. That I understand. 

Well, now. So where does this leave? So long as our friends at the Daily News are nice enough to take a hand-delivered “hard copy” and do the computer magic that allows it to appear in the weekend edition of our paper, I’ll try to continue. 

And, speaking of “our” paper, I would say to those who dropped their subscriptions, that publishing a print edition just twice a week makes for a good, local and regional news-filled paper, with all the other items often found therein. Non-readers would be pleasantly surprised, but, of course, they won’t ever know. Alas. 

Enough about this. 

Tell someone you care about them; that you love them. It will make you both feel good. 

May we all have a pleasant weekend.