High Five: Edwards helps lead young Pam Pack squad

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2021

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Pam Pack senior Samaiya Edwards has played for three coaches during her four years on the girls basketball team. The Washington native talks about life with new coach Will Tyson, her future and what she likes best about Christmas.


  1. When did you first start playing basketball?


Samaiya: My mom signed me up for the Washington rec league when I was little and I liked it. I also played softball at P.S. Jones Middle School and my first two years here. I’ve watched a lot of NBA games with my dad and Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are my favorite players.


  1. Will Tyson is in his first year as your coach. How has it been adjusting to yet another coaching style?


Samaiya: It’s taken some getting used to, but it’s been good. I’ve learned a lot of little things from all three coaches. Coach Tyson is always very encouraging and positive, even when we are behind by a lot. We know he cares about us off the court and he’s always telling us to continue to compete and good things will happen.


  1. What’s been the best part of your senior season so far?


Samaiya: Getting to know my new teammates and there are several this year. Coach Tyson wants me to be a leader since I am a senior, so I try to encourage them to keeping smiling after they make a mistake and go make the next play. Yelling at them is not my style, so I always try to stay positive.


  1. What are your favorite Christmas memories?


Samaiya: I enjoy giving gifts that people like. I got my mom an Apple watch one year. I also liked cooking with my grandma, who has passed away since last Christmas. We will still make chicken and pastry and red velvet cake. I also like cooking seafood with my dad and walking along the Washington waterfront looking at lights.


  1. What are your plans after graduation?


Samaiya: I plan to study nursing at UNC-Greensboro. I’ve been accepted to Winston-Salem State and Fayetteville State and also applied to UNC-Chapel Hill.  I really like my Health Science 1-Nursing class here at WHS and have enjoyed taking Photography 1.