High Five: Ham reflects on football, drumming and the Hulk

Published 12:33 pm Friday, January 21, 2022

Southside junior Xavier Ham is a busy guy.  The 6’2, 260 pounder plays offensive and defensive line on the football team, center on the basketball team and throws the shot put and discus for the track and field team. He also finds time to play the drums in church and watch the Hulk in action.


  1. If you had to choose one sport to play, which one would it be?


Xavier: Football without a doubt. I’ve played since I was six in the Chocowinity Rec League. My dad talked my mom into letting me play and I haven’t stopped. It’s really fun to be out on the field with my teammates on Friday night and it’s a great way to get my mind right after a week of school. If something or somebody has been messing with your day, you can take it out on somebody else on the field.


  1. Southside went 11-2 and made it to the third round of the football playoffs. What are your thoughts on the season?


Xavier: All of us are proud of what we accomplished, but know it’s going to take more hard work to stay at that level. It was the first winning record Southside had in a while, so we feel good about that. We are also ready to put in the time and effort to do it again next year.


  1. Do you have any hidden talents?


Xavier: I play drums at my church when the regular drummer can’t. My mom and dad started teaching me when I was really young and I enjoy making the beats. My mom plays keyboards in church, so it’s really fun to play with her. I never had any formal lessons, but I’m always watching other drummers and just picked it up naturally.


  1. What would you choose for a superpower?


Xavier: More strength, like the Hulk. He’s always been my favorite Marvel character and I’ve seen all the movies he’s been in. Being strong is the most important thing, because it helps you jump higher and run faster.


  1. What are your favorite school-related classes and activities?


Xavier: I like Math and completed Math 4 Honors last semester. I’ve always been pretty good at it. I’m also part of the Distinguished Men of Worth club. It’s an off-campus group, but meets here at school. We’ve taken trips to Virginia, Florida and other places. It helps us learn to become better men and productive members of the community.