Filing period ends for 2022 primaries

Published 5:22 pm Friday, March 4, 2022

The filing period for the 2022 primaries ended at noon Friday.

The voter registration deadline for the primaries is April 22 at 5 p.m. One-stop early voting begins April 28 and ends May 14. Election day for the statewide primary is May 17, and the statewide general election will be decided Nov. 8.

Here’s a list of candidates who entered local races. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk:

  • NC Senate Dist. 2 (was Dist. 3)

Jim Perry (Rep.)

  • NC House Dist. 79

*Keith Kidwell (Rep.)

Ed Hege (Rep.)

  • Clerk of Court

*Marty Paramore (Dem.)

  • Sheriff

Corey Rogerson (Dem.)

Harold Bright Jr. (Dem.)

Petre Franks Jr. (Dem.)

Scott Hammonds (Rep.)

*Ernie Coleman (Rep.)

  • County Commission (three seats available)

*Ed Booth (Dem.)

*Stan Deatherage (Rep.)

*Frankie Waters (Rep.)

Dawn Brinson Slann (Rep.)

Tandy Dunn (Rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 2

*E.C. Peed (Dem.)

Charles Hickman III (Rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 4

*Terry Williams (Rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 6

Gary M. Carlton (Rep.)

Sheri Clark (Rep.)

*Michael Bilbro (Rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 8

*Butch Oliver (Rep.)

Donald W. Shreve (Rep.)