Write Again: A terrible thing to waste

Published 7:58 pm Thursday, April 7, 2022

One of my Wednesday lunch companions asked me not so very long ago if I ever had “writer’s block.”

Writer’s block? Well, now, I don’t think I gave him a very good, definite answer.

Truth to tell, it’s just that I don’t think of myself as a writer. A “real” writer, that is.

Oh, I strive to do this endeavor on a weekly basis. I don’t see that as any big deal. Not at all. Most certainly there are those who could this as well, if not better, if they were so inclined.

It’s not with some disingenuous façade of modesty that I say that I don’t really think of myself as a writer.

Its due to my having been a voracious reader almost my entire life, giving me exposure to so many who were-and those who now are-truly gifted.

Let me add, also, that I have not limited my reading to only a couple of genres. I have my favorites, of course, but have, over the years, pretty much covered the literary landscape.

Also, let me add that when I compare my efforts to so many published authors, objectivity demands that I realize that whatever talents I may possess are meager, indeed. That’s simply how I see it.

So. I’ve often thought that if I was ever asked to speak at a school graduation, high school or college (Now, hold on, I am going somewhere with this) my remarks would be brief, terse, and would go something like this: “Congratulations to all graduates, and also to your families, most of whom were your invaluable support partners.

“Don’t ever drink and drive. Don’t ever ride with someone who is or has been drinking. Don’t use/abuse yourself with drugs. Be kind to one another and to animals.

“And read. That’s right. Read. For, you see, there are three kinds of people:

Those who know, those who don’t know and those who don’t know what they don’t know. That third kind don’t read.”

Would such a challenge be heeded by the graduates? With very few exceptions, the answer is “no.” Who among us remembers what was said at our graduations? Even at the time, very little could have been recalled afterwards. There were too many rampant emotions in each of us at the time.

Yet maybe, just maybe, some in attendance at graduation would listen and reflect upon what was said. Maybe.

You see, books can make you think. Plus, they can give pleasure, as well as information. In ways, books can serve as catalysts to inspirations, noble endeavors-suppressed by autocratic powers-and to bold, even courageous movements.

It’s no wonder that dictatorial, autocratic, oligarchical forms of control in some nations eschew, ban, burn books as well as other forms of free communication. Unfortunately, there is some of that mentality right here in this land most of us profess to love. We know who they are. Oh, yes.

Shoot. Maybe after reading this there are some who wish I had experienced “writer’s block.”

You think?

APROPOS-If a mind is, indeed, “a terrible thing to waste,” why then do so many do so?