Deed transfers

Published 3:21 pm Monday, April 11, 2022

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The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from March 27-April 2, 2022


March 28

James C. Workman Sr. to Rex H. Frazier, 1.836 & 1.601 acres in Windsong, Beaufort County

Kyle Wade Barnes to Katey M. Wekenmann, property on Hwy. 264, Long Acre Township

Auristhela M. Reinen to Timothy C. Modecai Profit Sharing Plan, .516 acre Lot 85 Dowry Creek, Pantego Township

Ricky W. Keech to Ashley Dale Keech, 2.0 acres in Bath Township

Gilbert R. Stotesberry to Gilbert R. Stotesberry, 1.55 acres on Hwy. 264, Pantego Township

Walter Chad Asby to Walter Chad Asby, property on Cedar & Cowan St and property in Rosedale, Long Acre Township

Leroy Everette Jr. to Stacy Neal Williams, Lot 2 Everette Acres, Beaufort County

Brenda Cates to Stephen J. Marcoe, Lot 228 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

James Bray to Kristin Peterson, two parcels in Richland Township

Lloyd & Julius LLC to People Supporting His Glory LLC, .56 acre & .04 acre Hwy 32 River Rd., Beaufort County


March 29

Elwood S. Tinker Jr to Robert S. Weaver, 12.85 acres on Seed Tick Neck Rd. & Hwy. 99, Pantego Township

Bryan Kendall Hardee Exec to Daniel Lane Braucher, Lots 14-16 Block C Bay Hills, Beaufort County

Robert William Newman to Donald L. Ward Sr., property in Chocowinity Township

Dianne L. Bowen to Duck Dreams LLC, 7.6, 5.3, 12.0 & 72.2 acres in Beaufort County

Buttersmith Holdings LLC to Diane M. Crescitelli, Lot 9 Block B Kingswood, Washington


March 30

Gene A. Smith to Kevin Andrew Smith, 4.43 acres on Weston Rd. & State Rd. 1110, Chocowinity Township

Jerry A. Arnold Exec. to Maria Ramirez Sanchez, Lot 31 Deer Run Acres, Chocowinity Township

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Thomas Edward Voegtlin, 2.23 acres on State Rd. 1101, Richland Township

East Carolina Farms LLC to Peter Hedrick, 30.437 acres on State Rd. 1001, Beaufort County

Bernard J. Dougherty Jr. to Jonathon Donald Oliver, Lot 331 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

Kerry Parr to Kerry Shell, Lot 24 Beech St. Rosedale, Washington

Grassy Ridge Farm Inc. to Milton Louis Prince, Lot 18 Dowry Creek, Pantego Township

Fannie Mae to Elizabeth Selleck, property on Wharton & Beech St., Rosedale, Washington


March 31

Lake Country Enterprises Inc. to Robert Vernon Hunter, 59.22 acres in Long Acre Township

James Taylor McPherson to Beverly Sloan Davis, Lot 124 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

Ksie M. Babos to Racheal Karry Beerer, property in Washington Township

Virginia D. Kittrell to Caroline Slade Jean- Baptiste, property on State Rd. 1625, Pantego Township

Dorothy A. Paul to Barry Jay Paul, property on State Rd. 1734, Bath Township

Harry Ronald Griswold to Ernest Halsey Sears Jr., Lot 135 Pamlico Plantation Townhomes, Long Acre Township

David H. Weatherly to Alvah B. Adam, property in Glebe Creek Landing, Bath Township

Timothy Lee Matthews to Sarah Jeanne Lankford, Lot 50 Hickory Point Lands, Richland Township

Mark B. Haddow-Green to Mark Richard Sokolowski, Eureka Square Condominiums Unit 13, Bath Township

Chris W. Furlough to 100 WM LLC, property on W. Main & N. Market St., Washington

Fitzgerald Living Trust to Daniel Blanco, 3.26 acres West View Landing, Richland Township

Jasper L. Mills to Beverly D. Horvath, two properties in Richland Township


April 1

Joseph M. Mrkva Jr to Scott Kenneth Wright, 2.7 acres in Beaufort County

Harold R. Smith to Hosey Ice LLC, two properties in Wanoca, Beaufort County

Rena G. Spearman to Margarito Delgado Pelayo, property on Abbey Ln. Sherwood Forest, Long Acre Township

Brenda Leigh Fleming to Seth A. Boyd, 1.54 acres in Long Acre Township

Patricia A. Richardson to Catherine Cutler Owens, Lot 9 Block g Morningside, Washington

Laurcour Farms Inc. to Zachary I. Martin, property in Washington Township

T&D Home Buyers LLC to Lorenza Chavez, Lot 18 Sandy ridge Chocowinity Township

Sherri Carmady Potter to Uriel Manuel Castillo, property on Warren & New St., Richland Township

  1. Rayford Lilley & Sons Inc. to Sonya J. Lilley, property on Robersonville, Old Robersonville & Latham Rd., Washington Township

American Advisors Group to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, 7.67 acres in Washington Township

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Jason McCall, 7.67 acres in Washington Township

Christopher D. Toppings to Cory Lee McCrory, Lot 5 Harbour Haven, Long Acre Township

Virginia Carroll Ryon to James Clarence Morgan III, .744 acre on Bayview Rd., Bath Township

Larry S. Rowe to Phil Rodrick Weston Jr., 3.14 acres on State Rd. 1110, Chocowinity Township