The Robinsons have always liked Monday

Published 12:55 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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My father ran Roberson’s Cleaners for forty-plus years and there was not anything he could not do at the dry cleaners.  He did everything from pressing clothes to doing the alterations work and then delivering the clothes.  He never complained about his job, rather wore a smile and was always a people person.  His favorite day was Monday when he picked up clothes for the week.

Yep, Monday was his favorite day when he got to see all of his customers and their children.  He watched generations grow up and some became customers like their parents.  He would pick up clothes on Monday and he would deliver them on Wednesday.  He made a day of it.  Daddy would leave the dry cleaners around 8:00 a.m. and would return at lunch with a car load of clothes.  After lunch he would head back out to continue his route.  Some had their own hiding place for their clothes and he knew where to look.

Some of his favorite customers were the doctor’s offices where he picked up their weekly scrubs.  The nurses were always more than kind to dad and if he had an ache or a cold, they gave him medicine to cure the pain.  He lingered in their office until he had all the clothes and was cured of his aches and then he would head to next doctor’s office to gather more scrubs and always talking to the nurses after getting a hug.  He had to get his hug!

On Wednesday, he would take the time to deliver the clothes to each customer that gave him clothes on Monday.  He would drive his green Falcon station wagon or yellow Studebaker with a rod across the back seat and the clothes were in order of their delivery.  Sometimes he might ask me to deliver the clothes in the summertime but he had to arrange them in the proper order.  He would always make sure that I knew where everyone lived and where the doctor’s offices were located.

Since Bill Davis bought Roberson’s Cleaners, he has been good to my dad and mom.  Since their passing, he has only kind words to say about them and how much they helped him. Bill is a genuine person that sees the best in anyone and is always willing to help. He has let me fill in for my dad picking up clothes and delivering them on Monday.  I have seen just how much my dad loved his job as I get to see old friends while making new ones on the route. I can now see how my dad liked waking up on Monday morning!  Thanks Bill Davis!

They were the best of times with the best of friends in the best of places Washington, N.C.!  The Original Washington!

Harold Jr.