Write Again…The really important stuff

Published 2:23 pm Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Now, folks, it’s not that I am exactly a “news junkie,” but I do keep up with national and international events.

This I do by reading and watching various news sources, not just those that may support, reinforce views I may hold.

The ongoing tragedy related to Ukraine is heart-breaking. So much needless suffering, death, and destruction. Needless. Led by an evil ruler and his minions.

The coronavirus and its variants have brought about so much misery, and death to so many. To think that some, perhaps much of it could have been prevented or its impact lessened had many followed simple, basic measures recommended by healthcare organizations and knowledgeable professionals. Sad.

Then there’s the never-ending epidemic of gun violence. The television screens are also full of all kinds of portrayed violence, guns and other, so it would be fair to conclude that such movies and weekly programs are watched by millions of our fellow Americans. They must enjoy it.

A litany of all of the dangers confronting the inhabitants of this planet would be overwhelming. Difficult to fully fathom.

However, there is some “breaking news” that came to light recently that I feel is worthy of mentioning. I mean, really, really important.

Are you ready? Here it is: Britney is going to have a baby!

Wow, I mean this is mega-important.

She’s 40 years old, and the mother of two by a previous boyfriend. Baby number three is by a current boyfriend. This is headline stuff, folks.

Now, I’m not saying that keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t important. Or extremely newsworthy. You know. Watching them talk or text on their phones. Eating and drinking. Or wearing very revealing clothes. Heavy stuff.

Fat is, there is so much mind-expanding material on television nowadays. Especially geared to serious thinkers are some of the reality shows. Know what I mean?

The one where nude people try to survive under harsh conditions is strictly for high intelligence viewers. Filthy people with bug bitten skin is a real attraction. A genuine turn-on.

Consider many of the sitcoms. They are substantive and really deep. Why, they even have laugh tracks to assist you in knowing what is funny-every ten seconds or so-letting you know when to laugh. The two main facial features are a contorted grimace, and a wide-open mouth. Superb acting, right?

Well, now. Of course, I could go on, but you sort of get what I’m saying. Tonight I think I’ll watch me some “rassling”. Now that’s the real deal, for sure.

Oh. Wonder what Britney’s next one is going to be. Ad what will she name it?

Stay tuned.