Write Again…the most important of all

Published 4:09 pm Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Good morning, friends. Now, I know it’s probably not morning when many of you receive your paper.

However, since I do most of my weekly scratching out of this column thing early in the morning, I guess that’s how I think of this endeavor.

All of that I just recounted “ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit,” as John Nance Garner once characterized the office of vice president.

Enough of that.

If you have a few moments of time to kill, then let me share the following with you:

As I entered the waiting room at the office of one of my doctors, and I see more than one medical man (or woman) on a regular basis now, I observed an elderly man, seemingly quite elderly, pushing an older lady in a wheelchair. She looked quite frail.

After they checked in, he then began pushing her toward a door leading into a hall where the bathrooms were.

I checked in, then went to sit down, as one of the office ladies instructed me to do. I do whatever a woman tells me to do. I’m not as dumb as I may seem to some.

 The elderly couple came back out into the waiting area, where he positioned her in the wheelchair next to a chair he then sat in.


It was then I noticed that he took her hand, and there they sat quietly waiting to be called. Quietly, holding hands.

Even thinking of this now I get a bit of “eyeball sweat.”

I had never seen them before, and quite probably will never see them again.

So, what do I know about their story? Nothing whatsoever. Not where they lived, their names, their life experiences.

That’s not completely accurate, however, because I could observe one very important thing. I saw, felt, their love and faithfulness to each other. What could be more important? What, indeed.

Love. The dictionary’s first definition is: an intense affectionate concern for another person.

To that, in my brief observation of this couple I would certainly add “loyalty.”

That’s my story that I wanted to share with you, friends.

Simple. Powerful. Inspiring.

In “The International Thesaurus of Quotations” there are nine pages devoted to “love”. Nine.

For me, in addition to all the related definitions and quotations about love, I would most favor “feeling.”

That’s right. Feeling. Love’s most powerful effect is, simply and profoundly, a “feeling”. How blessed those are who truly feel it.

How blessed we are, who truly feel It.

APROPOS- “To love nothing is not to live, to love but feebly is to languish rather than live.”-Fenelon (1699)