High Five: Reid wraps up stellar career

Published 1:32 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2022

William Reid’s high school athletic career started on the soccer pitch. It will end at the 2A state track meet in Greensboro this weekend.

  1. What prompted you to play football instead of soccer?

William: I was on the football team at P.S. Jones Middle School, but didn’t play much, so I wasn’t really feeling it to start high school. I liked soccer and enjoyed being on the high school team my freshman year. Coach Chapman (JV football head coach) grabbed me as I was coming out of my science class across the hall and asked me to kick for football. That’s how it started.

  1. How did you go from kicker to wide receiver?

William: We were in a summer 7 on 7 camp at South Central High School.

Coach Owens put me in at receiver and I did well. I credit both coaches for welcoming me and being very encouraging. I caught two touchdown passes from Hayes (Pippin) in a JV game against Tarboro where we almost most won after being down 20 points. That’s when I really started liking football.

  1. What has changed the most over your four years in high school?

William: I’ve grown a lot physically and worked hard in the weight room, but I’d say my mindset has improved the most. I noticed that I was getting better because of my work in the weight room and thought I had a chance to play in college.

  1. What are your track highlights?

William: Running the 110 hurdles with my best friend, Ramel Knight, my freshman year and making it to state this year and last year. I wasn’t going to compete this year, but my older brother, Michael, (who runs at Wingate) couldn’t run his senior year two years ago because of COVID. I felt like I ran for him at regionals and am doing it for him this weekend at the state meet.

  1. What are your summer plans?

William: Working out every day to prepare for football at Saint Augustine. I want to be the best me I can be from the first day, so the coaches won’t feel like they should have given my scholarship to somebody else.

Bonus question: How have academics at Washington help you prepare for college?

William: I had to learn to balance my time between studying and sports. My mom, brother and sister have been a great support system for me and always encouraged me to stay on top of things. I’m thinking about majoring in Political Science in college, so I liked Honors Civics with Ms. Tucker and all my English classes. I feel like I’m well prepared and excited to get started