Deed transfers: May 15-21, 2022

Published 4:46 pm Monday, May 30, 2022

The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from May 15-21, 2022

May 16

Paula Michelle Waters to Horace G. Woolard, property in Beaufort County

P & M Developers LLC to MML & Associates LLC, 2.834 & .2 acres in Long Acres Township

Debra Ky Blosser to James Christopher Alligood, property on Hwy 7 & 171 in Washington Township

Sara B. Bentzel to Bryan Charles Britton, 1.478 acres Lot 402 Nanticoke Court, Cypress Landing

Ronald Glenn Dilzer to Gary Bielejeski, Lot 204 Pamlico Plantation, Long Acre Township

Charlie J. Burbage Jr. to James Ethan Jefferson, property on Bullock & Cemetery Rd., Belhaven

D.W. Lane Jr. to Everett Hershey, 2.86 acres on Hwy. 264, Long Acre Township

Javier Silva to Heather Sarahi Lapp, .84 acre in Chocowinity Township

Tyrone D. Johnson to Tyrone D. Johnson, Lot 42 Bay Harbour, Chocowinity Township

May 17

Eldon W. King to Aaron Lewis, Lot 2 River View, Belhaven

Lucy B. Dixon to Chicko S. Dixon, property on Pine Tree Dr. & Montclair Rd., Long Acre Township

James Alvin Maxwell II to Hosey Ice LLC, property on Pierce & 4th St., Washington

GAE Enterprises Inc. to Clyde A. Potter, 6,18, 1.78, 2.08, 2.02, 2.08 and 1.15 acres in Clearwater Cove Richland Township

Traver Glassner to Kenneth Parker Cates, Lot 19 Goose Creek Landing, Richland Township

Katherine Dunn Holt-Elliott to Beverly D. Holt, property on 8th & Bonner St., Washington

Ray Anne Holt Jarman to Beverly D. Holt, property on 8th & Brown St., Washington

Ronald J. Rice to Ronald J. Rice, property on Scott’s Creek, State Rd. 1715 & Hwy. 92, Bath Township

Malcolm Lee Ross to Gilbert R. Stotesberry, 4.9 acres on State Rd. 1737, Bath Township

William Chad O’Neal to Lily Anna Aguilar, property on E. Main St., Belhaven

Dana A. Mills to Andrew W. Seligmann, Lots 1-2, Block C Isle Vue Beach, Richland Township

Kelly Brooke Reynolds to Kelly Brooke Reynolds, 2.07 & .5 acre in Beaufort County

Lisa C. Daniels to Donald Ord Fowler Jr., two properties in Pantego Township

May 18

Delia D. Morris to Sara G. Klinger, Lots 12 & 13 Block B Bay Hills, Chocowinity Township

Moore Property Group LLC to Fandp Oz LLC, property on Nicholson & 12th St., Washington

May 19

Ann Bryan Adams Womble to Rebecca Adams Buck, two properties in Washington Park

Edna P. Fortescue to Vonda P. Carroll, property on Cherry Run Rd., Washington Township

Beacon Street Moss LLC to J. Gary Ciccone Revocable Trust, Lot 3 Moss Landing Harbour Homes

Kyle W. Barnes to Barbara A. Braun, Lot 33 Colonial Heights, Van Norden & 16th St., Washington

Buttersmith Holdings LLC to Christopher Dale Smith, three properties in Washington

Melvin R. Opharrow to Renaldo Mills, property on Bridge & W. 9th St., Washington Township

Connell Purvis to Phyllis McKay, property on 9th & McNair St., Washington

May 20

Beacon Street Moss LLC to Anne C. Pagnani, .005 acres Lot 4A, Washington

Mark K. Reams to Beacon Street Moss LLC, .073 acre Lot A, Washington

James G. Pagnani to Beacon Street Moss LLC, .0003 acre, Lot 4B, Washington

Joseph Wayne Winstead to Samuel Payne Snow, property on Hwy. 264, Long Acre Township

Richard F. Kamman to William B. Watson Jr., Lot 35 Pamlico Plantation, Long Acre Township

Charles Kenneth Reynolds to Jonathan Eric Kirby, Lot 11 Mixon Creek, Bath Township

Stacy Cinnamon to Jeanine Wheeless, Lot 30 Bay Lake, Chocowinity Township

Queenie Louise Edwards Griffin to Eugene Arits Jr., property on State Rd. 1420, Washington Township

Margaret Poston to James C. Lewis, property on McNair & 2nd St., Washington

Tracy J. Warren to David Everett Ward, property on Main St. & Hwy. 92, Bath

Ann H. Vonalma to Sherry D. Tate, Block 11 Wanoca, Washington Township

Blanche G. Hudson to William Allen Lilley, 9.9 acres in Chocowinity Township

M & L Little LLC to Wild Goose Chase LLC, Lot 1 Block C Crystal Beach Estates, Beaufort County

Douglas W. Slager to Dan Bailey, 5.32 acres on Hwy. 264, Bath Township