Kiwanis Club News

Published 4:42 pm Monday, May 30, 2022

Kellie Hopkins, Beaufort County Director of Elections, was guest speaker at Tuesday’s Kiwanis Club of Washington meeting. Her talk centered on the recent primary election including the upcoming meeting of the board of election to certify the vote. Hopkins, shown left with member John Tate, pointed out that the certification follows several audits including verification of the absentee and provisional ballots which will be opened and counted at the election board’s meeting. Miss Hopkins told the membership that according to state law, two precincts are chosen at random for a “hand to eye” count to ensure accuracy. She said that the county’s new voting machines performed well.

The board of elections establishes election precincts and voting sites, appoints and trains precinct officials, prepares and distributes ballots, provides voting equipment, canvassing and certifying the ballots cast in elections, and investigating any voting irregularities. They maintain voter registration for Beaufort County and provide public information on voters and elections.

The Kiwanis Club of Washington meets each Tuesday for lunch at King Chicken on Carolina Avenue, Washington. The club welcomes prospective members who have an interest in service to the community.