Deed transfers: May 22-28, 2022

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from May 22-28, 2022

May 23

Michelle R. Bateman to Samuel Payne Snow, River Bend Condominiums Unit 12, Long Acre Township

Eastco Properties LLC to Clarence John Hunt, 14.28 acres in Beaufort County

WHICH LLC to John P. Deloatch, Lot 62 Beaufort Pointe, Chocowinity Township

Jeremy R. Cordon to Dylan Moore, Lot 16 Chesterfield, Long Acre Township

Jordan Leigh Cantrell to JLC 1296 LLC, property on Hwy. 264, Washington

Gerald Wayne Nobles to Abraham Manuel Armenta Vargas, 4.001 acres on State Rd. 1152, Chocowinity Township

May 24

Samantha Adams to Christian Weiss, 4.0 acres on Bishop and Yeatesville Rd., Bath Township

Pitt & Beaufort County Farms LLC to Araceli Cota, 2.52 acres on Leggett Rd., Washington Township

Tana J. Parker to Mark Stephen Mallette, Lot 19 Block H Smallwood, Washington

Braxton Lee Latham to James A. Albridge, Lot 17 Teachs Cove, Bath Township

May 25

Albert A. McDaniel Jr. to Katherine M. King, Lot 68 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

Kenneth Friedlein to John Obiol, property on Main St & Hwy. 92, Bath

James H. Bland to James Harvey Bland, 1.43 acres in Long Acre Township

Bernard E. DeHoog to Emily R. DeHoog, three lots on Woodstock Ln., Bath Township

Shirley Williams Chandler to Stephen E. Chandler, .479 acres in Chocowinity Township

Deborah M. Taylor to Donald Lee Jones II, Lot 11 Block 5 Crystal Beach Estates, Richland Township

Richard A. Barber to John Kenneth Bramble, property on Market St., Washington

William D. Kenner IV to Kristen Panagos-Cummins, .1 acre on W. 2nd & Fleming St., Washington

Robert M. Williams Sr. to Sammy Hodges, Lot 6-7 Block C Willows, Washington

Brenda L. Thompson to Brenda L. Thompson, 1.05 acre on Harrison Rd. & State Rd. 1410, Washington Township

May 26

Theodore C. Turnage to John Franklin McNair, property on Bath Creek, Bath

Christine Watson to Joseph E. Taylor, Lot 1 Block F Willows, Washington

William E. Lewis to John S. Ledford, Lot 31 Bridgewater North, Bath Township

Alton Carter to Samantha P. White, property on Hwy. 33 Richland Township

Gregory Lee Evans to Cristos F&F LLC, Lot Beaufort Pointe, Chocowinity Township

Ashley N. Barrow Atty to Kimberly R. Morgan, Lot 1 Block C Iron Creek, Washington

Stella Smith to Hosey Ice LLC, Lot 11 Block 18 Wanoca, Washington

Ronald Tew Buttry Jr to Mark A. Smith, Lot B & C Bay Lake, Farmer Dr. & State Rd. 1166, Chocowinity Township

May 27

Claudia H. Keech to Seth H. Edwards, property on 12th St., Washington

Edith Shaw to DePrimo Family Revocable Trust, .146 acre on Market & 8th St., Washington

Kevin P. Mayer to Warren Paul Shagena, .74 acre in Washington Township

Tracy H. Cox to Staci Scott Hanchey, property in Woodstock Point, Bath Township

Phyllis Ann Woolard Hewitt to Allison Waters, property on Long Ridge Rd., Long Acre Township

Debra Biggs Waters Adm. to Debra Biggs Waters, .24 & .67 acre on State Rd. 1414, Washington Township

Dan Bailey to Theresa R. Wilson, property on State Rds. 1320 & 1321 & Pamlico River, Long Acre Township

Carol B. McGrath-Cochran to Wayne J. Huggins, property on Hills Creek & Clark Rd., Chocowinity Township

Diane M. Brown to Charles Vincent Fontaino, property on Camp Leech Rd., Beaufort County

Glenn Robbin Bell to Barnes Investments LLC, property on 1st St., Chocowinity

Susan Bell to Barnes Investments LLC, property on 1st & Adams St., Chocowinity

Glenn R. Bell to Barnes Investments LLC, property on Hwy. 264, Beaufort County

Glenn R. Bell to Barnes Investments LLC, .408 acre in Chocowinity Township

Glenn R. Bell to Barnes Investments LLC, .48 acre on Hwy. 32 River Rd., Washington

Edward Mercer to Michael B. Ledford, .92 acre on Cherry & Lodge Rd., Long Acre Township

Christopher Allen Banks to Mark Brooke, four parcels in Belhaven