United we stand, divided we fall

Published 4:45 pm Thursday, July 14, 2022

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United reflects coming together, it reflects bridging the gap and extending true welcome to all.   Unifying is not when all are dressed the same color, or sitting on the same seat.   Showing unity goes much further than that.   There’s much mentioned in the Holy Scriptures concerning unity.

Unity begins with us an individual, the eyes and ears of an individual is the gateway to their heart.   No matter what we see or hear, when it comes down to the final verdict, it will be based upon how we perceive it to be.

Unifying entails many or more than one, however to start this process ultimately it begins with one.   That “one” reflects us as an individual.   There’s many positive organizations and programs that can help one to get on the right track, however the best resource that can get us as an individual to a unity state of mind is God.  We know people from the outside in, God knows people from the inside out.

Matthew 6:33v. tells the first and most important step to take that will lead us as an individual to a state of unity.  This process will cause our heart to be changed, therefore, how we perceive things and people at this point will begin to change for the better.

This is true unity, when all follow this biblical plan, this will bring about various connections in many areas of our present-day society.  When we stand together, we begin to write history.

Division is seen more in this society than unity.   Division reflects non-communication and refusal of reasoning.

 In Matthew 12:25v. it shows that division started in the minds/hearts of the people.  Jesus knew their thoughts, it was not about building or coming together.   They had their own ideas in mind and were not trying to hear no one else.

Jesus said this type of activity will cause your home, your community, your church, your organization, your town, and much more to fall apart.

There’s much riding on being united, our younger generation for one.   We can do more together than we can apart, we can make a greater difference together than we can apart.

A great Minister Beverly Tyre made this statement: “We can do it better together.”   Even in our pledge of allegiance, the statement: “one Nation,” this term one entails of all 50 states.   Even John Adams and George Washington saw the essence of unity and how it could be further dispersed under the auspices religion that reflects God.

Today let us choose to be united, connected, and supportive.  It can make our community a much better place to live.

Stewart N. Ham, Sr is the pastor at New Growth Unlimited Ministries, Inc. in Aurora.