Write Again…They were really Incognito

Published 4:50 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Conspiracies. Okay, now. I know I’ve been a bit hard in the past on those who rarely meet a conspiracy they don’t like.

But. And the “but” is that the important thing is to learn to identify the correct conspiracy.

You know, as in Elvis didn’t die, and ended up working in a 7-11 store somewhere in Tennessee.

Ridiculous. I think he probably went to live in a nice little cabin in the mountains, probably near Dollywood, enjoying fried banana sandwiches and poke salad. And no, he didn’t get a job, because the King had plenty of money and didn’t need to work. When you think about it, doesn’t that make more sense?

And Hitler. The prevailing story is the Fuhrer “offed” himself in the bunker, then had his body and that of his new bride burned in a shallow grave just outside the door.

Come on, folks. Too easy. It seems more likely, logical, that he fled to Argentina, hooked up with his buddy Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death”, and they, well, just hung out together, Incognito. And where exactly is Incognito? (Not Conetoe.) Not exactly sure, but who is to say it’s not so?

In more recent times we have had those who refuted the reality of climate change. That environmental concerns, the actual threat to the planet, was an overblown alarm, propagated by a bunch of liberals. More rational, right-thinking conservatives know better. A bunch of tree-hugging “lefties” worried about such mundane matters as saving planet Earth. Besides, as a very popular and much-loved former president told us, trees can cause pollution.

The “stolen” election. Fraudulent ballots. Yet there were those liberals who disputed the veracity of such claims.

Fortunately, our reliable journalists at the Propaganda Channel disputed that.

My personal view is yes, the election was stolen, but more probably by some of the aliens who are lurking about Earth in what we call UFOs.

Think about it, friends. Doesn’t that make more sense?

So. Belief in conspiracies is the American way of life. A part of us. Who many of us are. Just pick one you like.

Covid? We all know that vaccines and masks were useless. All part of the hoax.

Don’t let those who rely on facts, valid scientific and historical data, fool or confuse you, folks.

Don’t fall victim to the truth. It’s not nearly as interesting.

So. Enough of that. Perhaps it’s endemic to the human condition for some

to be drawn to that which simply isn’t the reality of things as they really are. Even a cursory study of history seems to confirm this. Sad, but true.