Past, Present, Future

Published 7:53 am Friday, August 12, 2022

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By Rev. Stewart Ham

Life consists of the past, present, and future no matter how one views it. In the past sector of life there’s some good qualities and bad qualities.   Therefore, when one views the past, they should pick out the good qualities and let it be an example for them, and the bad qualities should be a lesson to them. Author Bill Kean said in one of his writings: ‘’Yesterday is history, Today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Solomon opens up in the Book of Ecclesiastes 12:1. by saying the term “remember.”  This particular term reflects all that associates with the past and even the present.   The past as it may be can have much bearing upon the present.   It helps to gather visions that promote positive living.   The past can make us feel very proud and happy or very sad and upset.

Paul the Apostle in Philippians 3:13v. suggests when the past makes us very sad and upset, we need to forget those things especially when we are trying to make a great difference at the present.   The renovations we make should always be to embrace the present and future.

The present is the time to build, repair, or replace various broken components.  This helps to keep hope alive in many individuals who are equipping and preparing themselves for their mandated place in society.

Paul the Apostle even mentions to the Church of Corinth in II Corinthians 6:2v. that the present is the acceptable time to do the right thing; to encourage and help people make good and right decisions.

Building is basically making provisions with the help of God to combat the devastating things that life wants to serve people especially those that’s being presently prepared.   Due to the broadness of this vision, it will take many working together with the same goals and objectives to bring it to reality.   Paul the Apostle had the responsibility of present building.   Due to the birth of the New Testament Church, the need was having the teaching, training, and maintaining of God’s word and order easily accessible.

Today we that are mature in all aspects of positive living both spiritual and natural it’s our place at the present time to make provisions for many to have access to such.  Know in this process what Paul the Apostle told the church at Rome, (Romans 7:21v.) that every time he engaged in a positive work that will help and bless many, the evil one was always present in hopes to derail, hinder, or even infiltrate the good he was doing.

Know that if the evil one was with Paul, then, the evil one will be with you now in your positive endeavors in life.

When we look at the future, the future is somewhat a pay day.  This is when all visions have come to a reality.   The renovation process at this point has been completed.

In creation God upon the seventh day completed His work and rested.   This was an example He left for man to follow. One of my Elders, Elder Marilyn Miller often tells me “God never starts things He does not finish.”

It’s the present-day society responsibility to pave the way, when this happens both the present and future society will benefit.  One of my favorite sayings at New Growth Unlimited Ministries, Inc. is:

“We are no more than opportunities for someone, just as one day someone was an opportunity for us.”

When we make or become opportunities for others, all may not take advantage, however if only one takes the challenge, then our work was not in vain.

I urge all to take their rightful places in helping to make our communities, churches, and towns a better place.

Stewart Ham is the Pastor of New Growth Unlimited Ministries in Aurora.