Deed transfers: August 7-13, 2022

Published 5:40 pm Monday, August 22, 2022

The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from August 7-13, 2022

August 8

Terry A. Gardner to John L. Williford, Lot 41 Pirate Cove, Long Acre Township

Lawrence D. Moore to PCS Phosphate Company Inc., 1.19 acre in Richland Township

Betty Asby Sikes to PCS Phosphate Company Inc., .44 acre on Hwy. 33 & Respess Rd., Richland Township

PCS Phosphate Company Inc. to Betty Asby Sikes, .50 acre in Richland Township

TAG Rental Properties LLC to Ryan A. Wagner, Lot 40 Pirate Cove, Long Acre Township

Katelyn L. Kozuch to Troy A. Dove, Lot 52 Pirate Cove, Long Acre Township

Bruno Tellez Trejo to Leonel Brown, Lot 6 & 6A Block D Deerfield, Washington Township

Marvin E. Alligood to Dan Bailey, Lot 1 Block Q Pamlico Village, Long Acre Township

Michael J. Lore to Michael J. Lore, property in Richland Township

Carl W. Moore Jr. to Barrett Jarvis, 7.0 acres on Hwy. 264, Long Acre Township

Terresa B. Lettley to Nicole Shantal Blackwell, property on State Rd. 1949 & Hwy. 33, Richland Township

August 9

Joseph E. Waldrop Jr. t Robert R. Payne, property in Bayview, Bath Township

Garland L. Lewis to Wendy Bradley, four parcels in Aurora Beach, Richland Township

Nobska Real Estate Holdings LLC to Steven Sypolt, Lot 6 Block C Northview Estates, Belhaven

BS Dream LLC to Trudi J. Waters, .36 acres in Plum Point, Bath Township

BS Dream LLC to William Edwin Batts III, .47 acres in Plum Point, Bath Township

Vivian M. Price to Kieran Daniels, property on the Pungo River & Tarklin Creek, Bath Township

Walter E. Waters to Christopher Dale Lewellen, property on Pungo & Mill St., Belhaven

Neal Brent Gibbs to Gloryhole LLC, 17.12 acres on Hwy 97 & 32, Long Acre Township

August 10

Laurcour Farms Inc. to Austin M. Smith, Lot 90 Laurcour Farms, Washington Township

Patricia A. Ross to Derek C. Brooks, Lot 19 Slatestone Trails, Long Acre Township

Darlene Parker Richards to Darlene Parker Richards, 1.54 acres in Bath Township

Michael Lee Isbell to Michael Lee Isbell, 24.7 & 2.5 acres in Beaufort County

Robert Michael Watson to Robert Michael Watson, property on Isabella Ave., Beaufort County

August 11

Robert D. Silvestri to Marion Susanne Hackney, .36 acre in Washington Park

Zackari Hayden White to Christopher Michael Bassitt, 10.01 acres in Long Acre Township

James C. Moore to PCS Phosphate Company Inc. property on Hwy. 33, Richland Township

TCB Investments LLC to Stanley E. Nichols, Lot 108 Beaufort Pointe, Chocowinity Township

Jason G. Berben to Angela Manning Berben, .54 acre on Hwy. 99, Pantego

Cecile L. Baccanale to Betty M. Whichard, Lot 11 Mac’s Woods, Washington

Jemm NC LLC to Jean S. Braxton, Lots 56-57 Bayside Shores, Chocowinity Township

Beacon Street Moss East LLC to Aaron Miko, Lot 22 Moss East, Washington

Betty Cutler to Jeffery Allen Cutler, 1.63 acres on State Rd. 1949, Richland Township

Giffin Harold Bowen to Melanie Bowen Simmons, .632, 28.915 & 26.613 acres on the Pungo River, Bath Township

Melanie Bowen Simmons Exec. to Giffin Harold Bowen, three parcels in Bath Township

Laurcour Farms Inc. to James Hess, .352 acres in Laurcour Farms, Washington Township

Durward Lance Cooper Jr. to Beacon Street Belhaven LLC, .56 acre on Pantego Creek & Water St., Belhaven

Gunka Inc. to Donna C. Parker, property on Flanders Filter Rd. & Usage Rd., Washington Township

Austin Ray Barnes to Rochelle Denece Boston, property on Hwy. 33 Chocowinity Township

Lori Ann Ricklefs to Lynne G. Gibson, Lot 18 Block W Smallwood, Washington

Michael E. Dority to Gregory T. Dority, property on Market St. Ext., Washington Township

Clifford Lee McGuffin to Kenneth M. Jastrzembski, two parcels on Sinclair Creek & Usage Rd., Bath Township

Kimberly D. Moore to Connie O. Moore, several tracts & parcels in Beaufort County

Kimberly D. Moore to Joel Leon Moore, .66, 46.55, 2.0, .30 & .55 acres in Beaufort County

Kimberly D. Moore to Christopher Moore II, four parcels on Pierce, N. Market, Market St. Ext. & 15th St., Washington

Kimberly D. Moore to Phillip Glen Moore, several tracts and parcels in Beaufort County

Kimberly D. Moore to Donna Gwen Moore, several tracts and parcels in Beaufort County

David Pettus to Daniel Fiedler, three parcels on Kirby Grange Ave. & Kirby Grange Rd., Bath Township