Write Again…An idea in the mind of God

Published 10:57 am Thursday, August 25, 2022



If someone were to ask you to define that word, how would you do it?

Truth to tell, I’m not sure just how I would. Perhaps Einstein and Stephen Hawking could have, but I suspect most of us wouldn’t have fully comprehended their explication. I’m sure I wouldn’t have.

And yet, can you think of anything, during your own journey through this miracle we call life, that has been so important, so relevant, as time?

Someone once said that, “Time is just an idea in the mind of God.”

Now folks, that’s heavy. Profound. Yet I don’t have a clue what it really means.

Have you noticed that there seems not to be a lessening of things you don’t know, don’t fully understand? It has been said that such is the beginning of wisdom. Certainly doesn’t seem that way.

A fellow named Henri Frederic Amiel wrote, way back in 1864, that, “Time and space are fragments of the infinite for the use of finite creatures.”

I understand that. Surprisingly. Thanks, Henri.

It is notable that so much of everything we do or think has some relation to time. The examples you and I might cite are limitless. It would take too much (guess what word comes next) time.

Edging close to eighty-four years on the planet, it seems natural to wonder how much time I have left here. Then, when my time here is up, is there any such concept, reality, as time, in the next dimension? If there is such a thing as “eternity”, can it be fully explained or understood?

Those of strong religious beliefs – in most or all of the world’s religions -often have very, very strong convictions as to what awaits. I would never take issue with anyone’s beliefs, as it isn’t my place or inclination to even consider so doing.

I am reminded of that which Bertrand Russell said, which was that each religion holds that its belief is the correct one, and all others are wrong.

That begs the question then: How can they all be right, when there are differences? So asked old Bertrand.

What we seem to have here, then, is a “gen-u-wine” conundrum.

Enough of my pseudo-intellectual efforts at exploring the true meaning of time, and related considerations.

We both know, you and I, friends, that it’s “time” to end this.


In fact, you may feel that you have devoted too much “time” to reading these mental peregrinations.

May the remainder of your weekend go well, and know that I hope to share this “time” with you here again next week.