Write Again …It’s all about our history

Published 4:43 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Guten Tag, alles!

I hope this finds you well. Please know that I really do appreciate your joining me here today.

Today’s musings aren’t new. Nope. Done it before, and to little or no reader response, nor any indication that consideration of these observations-suggestions even might be acted upon.

If that doesn’t tell me how little and unimportant what I might think is, then I’m even more obtuse than others may think. As Kurt Vonnegut often wrote, “So it goes.”

So. That said, here I go again.

LEST WE FORGET – Some form of visual reminders, i.e., photos, bios, of Cecil B. DeMille and Murray Hamilton, should be displayed in prominent locations at the Turnage Theater/Arts of the Pamlico facility.

THE HIDDEN WALL – For years, several decades, the long walkway leading up and into Wagner Stadium was lined with stones inscribed with the names of former Pam Pack greats, players, teams, and coaches, as well as some who made significant contributions of their time, talents, and financial resources to WHS athletics.

Thousands saw all of this as they would come into the stadium. No more. Unbeknownst to members of the Walk of Fame committee, the stones of honor and remembrance were dug up and were erected as a low wall adjacent to the playing field.

No problem? Almost all of the wall won’t ever be seen during events, because spectators line up in front of it. One wouldn’t even know the wall existed. A real shame.

HISTORY DISPLAYED – Our little town celebrated its bicentennial the same year as did our country. This is remarkable. Perhaps even more so is that we were the first town named for General George Washington. Two uniquely historic events. To commemorate this, a special flag was designed, and then flown for some time on the waterfront, giving visitors a sense of the specialness of this place.

No longer. No bicentennial flags have flown for years. Our town’s elected officials seem not to care about this special symbol and reminder of Washington’s unique history. There will be no response to this evanescence of one more visual reminder of our specialness.


MAC’S WISHES – It seems to me the best way to honor Mac -affectionately known as “Bear”- is to erect the sitting figure of the “Father of our Country” on the waterfront. George Washington. That’s what Mac wanted.

I had the pleasure of sitting with some historic personages that are prominently and appropriately situated around a huge expanse of a beautifully grassed area in the center of High Point University just a few years ago.

The sense of history was palpable.

Let us dare to hope that for all I have mentioned here, our esteemed leaders will also have a sense of our history, and seek to preserve it.

Let us so dare.

CONGRATULATIONS – Recognized for Excellence at the North Carolina Press Association’s 149thannual convention were Ashley Vansant, David Singleton, Steve Barnes, and correspondent Karen Thiel. The paper was cited for Appearance and Design, and individuals for photography, and columns.

The Voice of the Pamlico did itself proud.