Deed transfers: August 21-27, 2022

Published 3:22 pm Monday, September 5, 2022

The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from August 21-27, 2022

August 22

Alfred W. Mayo to Alfred W. Mayo, 26.5 & 4.68 acres in Richland Township

Ronald R. Bousquet to Theresa B. Cartwright, 1.16 & 1.58 acres in Chocowinity Township

Donnie Raye Avery to Prime Carolinas LLC, Lot 9 Block H Isle Vue Beach, Aurora

James Neal Boyd to Frederick T. Howell, .45 acre in Long Acre Township

Christopher M. Moore II to Dylan Thomas Moore, 1.47 acres on State Rd. 1001, Washington Township

Christopher M. Moore II to Dylan Thomas Moore, property in Washington Township

Jordan M. Paniagua to Garry Wayne Koonce, .67 acre on Hwy. 99 Pantego Township

Michael Samuel Potter to Alexandra Cameron Boney, Lot 42 Bridgewater South, Bath Township

Dan Bailey to Todd Allen Kaun, Lot 1 Block F Pamlico Village, Beaufort County

Brian McCormick to Ecxaida Gamez, property on 10th St., Washington

William Matthew Swain to Edward J. Wood, 1.1385 & 2.0 acres on Hwy. 33, Beaufort County

August 23

Larry Boyd to John S. Harris, 1.52 acres in Long Acre Township

Charles lacy Conner Jr. to Andy Michael Brogden, .27 & .35 acre in Richland Township

Cecilia Gibbs Daniels to Traci Sampson, property on Pamlico Beach Rd., Bath Township

John S. Marsh Jr to Timothy Allen Griekspoor, Lot 46 Teachs Point, Bath Township

Linda Hunter to H. Rayford Lilley & Sons Inc., Lot 9 Mill Run Rd., Chocowinity Township

William Ira Cochran III to Abundance Real Estate Investors LLC, Lot 2 Block B Eastwood Estates, Washington

Sue Poore Mobley to Robert A. Gray, four parcels in Blounts Creek, Richland Township

Patrick A. Campbell to Dan Bailey, property in Shady Banks, Long Acre Township

Timothy W. Barnes to Regina Ritter, property on Hill Rd. & Hwy. 33, Chocowinity Township

Donald R. Hazzard to Compass Land USA Fund I LP, Lot 56 Eagle Trace, Richland Township

August 24

Nichole L Cross to Alton L. Ingalls, property on Main St., Washington

Nellie Satterthwaite to Nellie Satterthwaite, Lot 17 Block G Harris Acres, Chocowinity Township

August 25

Phyllis J. Schulte to EPIM LLC, Lot 28-30 Block O, Washington Park

Paul R. Mitchell to The Morgan Tyler Company LLC, Lot 16 Moss Landing Harbor Homes, Washington

Gary W. Gibbs to Mayhew Gray, .18 acre in Beaufort County

Mayhew Gray to Gary W. Gibbs, .25 acre in Beaufort County

Michael R. Vitale Estate to Through Him All Things Are Possible LLC, property on Market St., Washington

Amanda B. Heck to Timothy Melton Evans Jr. Lot 7 Block B Iron Creek, Washington Township

Ghurman Curtis Ange Jr. to Jennifer Bardin Purvis, .25 & 3.51 acres in Bath Township

North Carolina Assemblies of God to ARV Land LLC, 1.01 acre on Whichards Beach Rd., Beaufort County

Pristina Renee Keech to Matthew K. White, Lot 6 Bridgewater South, Bath Township

Michele Chauncey Selby to Harris Investment Group LLC, property on Antler Ln. Deerfield, Washington Township

Alyce E. Erickson to North Carolina House LLC, Lot 10 Block X Smallwood, Washington

Adrienne Whipple to Adrienne L. Whipple, Lot 141 Pamlico Plantation, Long Acre Township

Melvin Simmons to Caroline Slade Jean-Baptiste, .17 acre in Belhaven

Douglas B. Clark to David K. Hodges, .34 acre on Pungo Creek, Pantego Township

George Michael Meekins to Catherine Mott, two Unit 2101 Bldg 2000 Slip 14 Day Beacon #9, Belhaven

Loyd Kenneth Stilley to Loyd Kenneth Stilley Jr., property in Beaufort County

August 26

Guy R. Mayo Jr. to FLTA LLC, several tracts & parcels in Beaufort County

Gary W. Gibbs to Indiana Jennette, Lot 127 Delta City, Pantego Township

Joseph W. Hodges Jr. to Charles McLean Brice, 93.06 & 147.13 acres on VOA Rd., Beaufort County

Arthur Robert Thompson to The Cornelius Skip Gysbertus Van Wyk Jr. Revocable Trust, Lot 2 Village at Bath, Bath Township

Judith M. Davari-Nejad to Cornelius Skip Gysbertus Van Wyk Jr., .15 acre on Main & Carteret St., Bath

Debbie Sue Weston-Williams to Rita W. Rowe, 1.988 acres in Richland Township

Jax James Eddleman to Jennifer Grisel Estrada, 1.75 acre on State Rd. 1719, Beaufort County