Write Again… And just who are we really?

Published 5:38 pm Thursday, September 15, 2022

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A while back, probably more years now than it seems, tracing one’s roots became somewhat popular, at least for some people.

You know, genealogy. Where did I come from? What blood courses through my veins? Who were/are the people in my family tree, going a long way back?

Of course, though it seems hard to understand to me, some folks just don’t seem to have much interest in knowing all of this, or even a little of it.

Aside from actual DNA evidence, and the amazing capability to accurately determine what part or parts of the world we are from, I have decided there is one additional component to all of this.

It’s what I call “philosophical genealogy.” That is, with whom do I identify. Feel a “kinship” to.

In no rank order, it would include, but is not limited to, some of the following:

Jewish people. Specifically those who endured and suffered unspeakable persecution through all the years. Especially during the 30’s and 40’s.

Black people. Particularly those who were victims, not just here but in so many parts of the world, of slavery. Perhaps man’s original sin. Followed here by the Jim Crow years.

Yellow people. Those who knew little else but wars, discrimination, persecution, hunger, hopelessness, in many different places on earth. Their numbers are incalculable.

Brown people. Those who knew or know prejudice, discrimination, lack of equal opportunities.

Red people. Native Americans, whose story in this country is both shameful and tragic. A dark chapter in the history of this land we love.

White people. Especially those in Appalachia during the Great Depression, and those in the “dust bowls” in that same era.

Sexual Orientation. Oh, my. The “third rail” in our society. Especially fervid in their views are those who profess an adherence to, and belief in their own chosen faith tradition, in their opposition to any orientation not like their own. Enough said.

And enough examples.

My genealogy? Roots? It’s 98 point something northern European.

My “Philosophical Genealogy”?


Mankind. Especially those who have, and are suffering. Especially those.

Perhaps John Donne put it most eloquently when saying, “No man is an island. .. ” He went on to say “. . we are all part of the main.”

How you relate to that just might tell you at least a little about who you really are.

You think?