Write Again…Can we see heart to heart?

Published 3:38 pm Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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If this column makes its way into the paper, no one will be more surprised than I. Oh, yes.

Now, before I have my say, let me explain that some years ago I decided that, for my own self-respect, I just don’t need to express an opinion publicly about how others think when it comes to religion and politics. Their business, not mine.

An irony, unpleasant, is that some on occasion have challenged me, even said to me “We’re on different sides.” I don’t respond, and I would never say that to someone. What they want is to engage me, so they can tell me what I think, and what they think of what they assume I think. Not going to happen.

Now onto today’s topic. Disaffiliation at the in-town Methodist Church.

How people voted is strictly not my concern. I had my own perspective, but that’s simply a personal, private one.

My genuine concern is that the information disseminated was incomplete, misleading, and biased. It created an unlevel field, metaphorically speaking. Those responsible for this should be ashamed. They knew what they were doing.

Why, even a significant number of people were recruited to “join” the church just to help ensure a disaffiliation vote. Yet someone with Covid was not allowed to cast a drive-by vote. Twelve years old confirmands were allowed to vote.

What is my background regarding this church? I was baptized there, confirmed there. Sang in the youth choir, then the adult choir. When I returned home from three years active military duty, twenty-nine months in Germany, I joined the adult choir, and became active with the youth Sunday school, until three years later marriage and a job at Boys Home took us to Lake Waccamaw So I think my Methodist “creds” are valid. Also, I was very active in MYF. Very.

In more recent times Covid caused upheaval for all of us, and we suspended our church attendance, as did many.

Now? Disaffiliation is a done deal. God bless’em, as I wish them well. Also, for those who feel as if they “lost” their “home church,” I wish them well also.

As to Biblical prohibitions regarding same-sex orientations, they can be found in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, there is no reference to such matters attributable to the central figure of Christianity, Jesus.

For the disaffiliation proponents perhaps they should stay away from

watching those of same sex orientations in plays, on TV, and in movies. You know, disaffiliate.

As I mentioned in the beginning if this column even makes its way into print I’ll be more than a little surprised. I only wish to set the record straight.