UScellular donates wireless hot spots and service to Citizens on the Southside Together

Published 11:36 am Friday, October 28, 2022

From UScellular

WASHINGTON, N.C. (Oct. 19, 2022) – To help provide equitable learning access and opportunities and keep local youth connected, UScellular has donated 34 wireless hotspots and two years of service valued at more than $38,000 to Citizens on the Southside Together as part of its After School Access Project. Currently, more than 40 million people in the United States lack reliable access to high-speed internet. This leads to an issue known as the “homework gap” among youth who lack proper internet access. UScellular’s After School Access Project provides free mobile hotspots and service to nonprofits that support youth after the school day has ended and provides safe internet access for homework and education.

“The success of students in the communities we serve is very important to us at UScellular,” said Wayne Suggs, store manager at UScellular in Washington. “Connecting people and communities is our mission and the After School Access Project is just one way that we’re helping ensure students have the reliable access they need to grow and pursue their dreams.” 

Through the After School Access Project, UScellular has pledged to donate up to $13 million in hotspots and service to help up to 50,000 youth connect to reliable internet in its markets. To date, the company has donated more than 9,300 hotspots, a value of $10.5 million, to its communities through this initiative. Eligible 501c3 nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply by going to

“High speed internet is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. Thanks to the generous donation from UScellular our members will no longer have to do homework in fast food restaurants and area parking lots due to lack of internet at their homes throughout Beaufort County. UScellular is improving the quality of life for our young people and letting them know they are not forgotten,” said Joe Calhoun, assistant board chairman, Citizens on the Southside. 

Hotspots are stand-alone Wi-Fi networks that can connect several devices at once wirelessly and have proven to be a vital tool for youth to access the internet, study and complete homework. The hotspots provided through After School Access Project connect to UScellular’s network to provide high-speed connectivity for youth throughout Beaufort County and for use while at the organization’s facility in Blounts Creek. 

UScellular is focused on addressing gaps in STEM education and is committed to connecting more than 200,000 of tomorrow’s innovators each year with the resources they need today to help shape future opportunities. Since 2009, UScellular has donated nearly $22.6 million along with countless experiences and technology items to nonprofit organizations across the country. For more information about the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, please go to