Deed transfers: October 16-22, 2022

Published 3:59 pm Thursday, November 3, 2022

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The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from October 16-22, 2022

October 17

M&L Little LLC to Darlene W. Elmore, Lot 16 Bock 21 Crystal Beach Estates, Beaufort County

Charles Bradley Bennett to Thomas Tutkus, 1.88 acre in Chocowinity Township

Terry W. Carpenter to Jason L. Eborn, Lot 99 Bridgewater South, Bath Township

Brenda Sadler Roper to James C. Noble II, property in Bath Township

Richard Jeffrey Bennett to Richard Jeffrey Bennett, .96 acre in Washington Township

William M. Roberson to Brian L. Gorham, 8.4 acres in Washington Township

Josephine D. Nobles to Down on Main Properties LLC, property on W. Main St., Washington

Walter N. Zalph Tr. to Michael Jovanovich, Lot 5, Eagle Trace, Richland Township

Arthur Bennett Carowan to Glenn A. Carowan Jr, three properties in Beaufort County

October 18

Lynn Bennett Pinkham to Rocky Dale Thomas, .5 acres on 2nd St., Richland Township

Beacon Street Moss East LLC to Jefferson Davis Reed IV, Lot 9 Moss East, Washington

Donna G. Moore to Justin Taylor Moore, .27 & 9.81 acres in Washington Township

Matthew S. Carr to Kyle F. Shepherd, Lot 11 Sabre Pointe, Bath Township

Jerry A. Arnold Exec. to Feliciano Prado Torres, .721 acre in Rustic Ridge, Chocowinity Township

October 19

Vicki E. Wilson to Caitlin M. Briggs, Lot 193 Pamlico Plantation, Long Acre Township

Khoa Do to William E. Steinbeck, Lot 14, Windsong, Richland Township

Jeffery A. Elks to Joshua A. Keel, three lots on Wedgewood Dr., Long Acre Township

Gopher Mats LLC to David Lee Evans Tr., Slip 3-C Eagle Trace Boataminium, Richland Township

Kurt A. Lentzsch to Gina Woolard, 1.0 acre in Calf Creek, Beaufort County

No Quarter Ventures LLC to Michael E. Thrash Jr, 1.37 acres on State Rd. 1002, Richland Township

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Gregory Michael Galbraith, Lot 14, Bridgewater South, Bath Township

Hugh Reavis Nelson III Tr. to Sherry Johnson, property on Foreman-Topping Rd. & Pungo Creek, Beaufort County

Mark J. Hale Gdn to Marcus B. Tillman, property on State Rd. 1921, Richland Township

Glandon Forest Equity LLC to Stallings Bros Furniture Inc., 1.65 acre on Hwy. 264, Long Acre Township

October 20

Lexa Edwards Upton McMicken to Brittany Michelle Fennell, property on Hwy. 33, Chocowinity Township

Marie S. Singleton to Amy Douglas Alligood, 4.0 acres on Slatestone Rd., Long Acre Township

Edward S. Bowen Jr to Edward A. Bowen, property on Horse Pen Swamp Rd., Beaufort County

Inez I. Sykes to Antalina Nunez Dominquez, two properties on Elm & Pantego St., Belhaven

Vernon Waters to Kyle Brent Beiler, 6.0 & 15.0 acres in Bath Township

Sarah Beth Withers Gdn. to Burnie B. Brinn, two lots in Pantego Township

Griffin E. Taylor to Carmen Martinez Ackerman, four lots on Ballard St., Chocowinity

Misael Romero to Reyna Mendoza Mora, Lot 11N&S Estates, Richland Township

John Tucker Jr. to Frederick Sharif Craddock, property on King St., Belhaven

Harland R. Simmons to Jackson Ray Summerlin, property in Richland Township

Johnny Earl Simpson to Steadfast Farm LLC, property on State Rd. 1001, Beaufort County

October 21

Bonnie Whittington Whitley to Michael W. may, Lot 6 Pamlico River, Bath Township

Magnolia Farm Inc. to Linwood A. Harris Jr, .721 & .16 acre in Magnolia Shores, Long Acre Township

Mark Brooke to Phillip Brian Curlings, two lots in Belhaven

Dwayne H. Alligood to Barbara B. Arnold, Lot 39 Block H Smallwood, Washington

Misti Lynn Campbell tr. to Cynthia M. Brown, Lot 172 Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township

Barbara W. Schatz to Quynette Godley, Block 19 Lot 3 Swan Acres, Long Acre Township

Susan Burke Overton to Claudio Palmaz Tr, Buoy Tender Station Unit 2B, Richland Township

Kevin E. Boyd to Push Button Farms Inc., 28.25 acres in Washington Township

Willie M. Gautier to Push Button Farms Inc., property on Hwy. 17, Washington Township