Write Again… On re-joining the work force

Published 5:48 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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The time has come. Fact is, it came a while back, but I just didn’t really want to recognize it, I suspect.

I mean, at my age, it just didn’t seem to make sense.  Didn’t seem right. All of that was in the past. Done. Over.

Well, not so. I might as well out with it. You see, I’ll just have to use that dreaded three-letter word. Right here in print for all to see: job.

That’s right. I’d like to have a job. Now, please don’t leap to conclusions, here. Let’s not be rash.

I’m not talking full-time work. Good Lord. No way. Something part-time. With certain qualifications. Like, not having to be outside in oppressively hot, or bitterly cold, weather. Nope. I can’t use that.

And I don’t want something that involves sitting in front of a computer screen. How confining. Boring.

Sales? Retail? Crazy hours. On your feet too much.

Teaching? Been there, done that.

Landscaping? Yard work? That’s for a younger person. I’m past that.

Night watchman? A possibility. Not outdoors in bad weather, of course. And definitely not an eight-hour shift. And no weapon.

Fact is, two, three, possibly four hours at a time would be quite enough. And not every day. Whatever the nature of the work.

The ideal job for me would be something where I could combine my penchant for social interaction and propensity for loquaciousness. I loved my summer job for several years at the Wright Brothers site on the Outer Banks. Why, I even portrayed Orville a couple of mornings each week in a living history setting. I was sort of an Orville with a southern accent. Which on occasion some visitor from the more northerly latitudes would remark upon.

As for remuneration in exchange for my skills and talents, I wouldn’t ask for a lot. I’d be reasonable during that phase of the negotiation process.

Well. Enough detail. If anyone has any suggestions, or leads, let me know No rush, though.

I’m not quite sure when I could actually start this next phase of my vocational journey. Perhaps this fall. Or, maybe around the first of the year, although the cold weather might be a bit of an impediment. Maybe next spring. Say, sometime in April, or better, May. Or . . .


Anyway, thanks for your interest and concern. Oh. Rather than have you contact me, let me just get up with you. That will work better. Much better.