Deed transfers: November 27-December 3, 2022

Published 4:51 pm Monday, December 12, 2022

The following property transactions were made in Beaufort County from November 27-December 3, 2022

November 28

Dina M. Lawrence to William David Lurvey Jr. 11.75 acres in Beaufort County

Dennis Windell Carawan Jr to Teresa Hoffman, .97 acre in Chocowinity Township

November 29

Annette Edwards Murdock to Andrea Dawn Latham Mayo, property in Washington Township

William H. Batchelor to Kelly C. Shanafelt, property on Meadow & Mallard Dr., Macswoods, Washington

Bean Property LLC to Blue Dahlia Homes LLC< property on Bonner and E. 2nd St., Washington

Richard A. Pass to Haider Hussain, Lot 79 Bay Harbour, Chocowinity Township

Hospital Pharmacy Properties LLC to 12th Street Properties LLC, property on E. 12th & Brown St., Washington

Mitchell Lane Pollard to Larry Phan, property on Adams Creek & Hwy. 92, Bath Township

Elton H. Spain Jr to Elton H. Spain Jr, 1.16, .90 & 2.23 acres in Long Acre Township

November 30

Rodney Wayne Beacham to Geneva Beacham, Lot 3 Dumay Mills Farm, Chocowinity Township

Geneva Beacham to Geneva Beacham, Lot 3 Dumay Mills Farm, Chocowinity Township

Geneva Beacham to Rodney Wayne Beacham, property in Chocowinity Township

Tracy Allen Brooks to Tracy Allen Brooks, 1.34 acres in Breezy Shores, Bath Township

Rushing Properties LLC to MDC NC1 LP, .78 acre in Washington

Kent Douglas Cutler to Karen Cutler Jarvis, property on Hwy. 92, Long Acre Township

Kent Douglas Cutler to Zachary A. Davis, property on Hwy. 92 Long Acre Township

Jason M. Hassell to Larry W. Windley, property in Captain’s Cove, Cox Rd., Long Acre Township

Willie Kenlaw Jr to Audrey Kay Whidbee, property on Hwy. 17, Washington Township

Timothy C. Mordecai to Joseph Walker Faucette, Lot 20 Peninsula Acres, Bath Township

December 1

Terry Lee Mathias to Mary Frances Taylor Gurley, property on 5th St., Aurora

Deborah Howerin Cowan to Bobby Dail Canady, several tracts & parcels in Beaufort County

EKP LLC to John M. Hudnell, Lot 5 Block 18 Wanoca, Washington

James B. Peele III to Amy Peele Moore, property on Charles St. & on Corey Ave., Bath Township

Sara Cooksey Mayo to Melva Burgess, property in Beaufort County

Christopher Allen Banks Tr. to The Winn Family Living Trust, property on 3rd St., Washington

Alice Sellitti to Aaron Moore, Lot 53 Magnolia Shores, Long Acre Township

Aven Pamela Rosch to Amanda K. Taylor, property on Pearl & 6th St. Aurora

December 2

Ledrue O. Buck Jr to Joshua Thomas Sheppard, 3.49 acres on State Rd. 1163, Chocowinity Township

Daniel Lee Grimsley to Clifton Dennis Evans, Lot 5 Moss Landing Harbour Homes, Washington

Patricia H. Poole to Trumaine A. Boston, property on Washington & 13th St., Washington

Kevin Alan McCutcheon to Destinie Sky Boyd, 2.48 & .34 acres in Beaufort County

EKP LLC to Misael Romero-Barrera, Block 5 Wanoca, Washington

Neal McCray Woolard to Dawson McCray Woolard, 2.02 acres in Beaufort County

William Curtis Rogers Sr. to William Curtis Rogers Sr., 1.2 acres in Washington Township

Tineshia Yvette Cox to Thomas T. Ballard, property on Pine St., Belhaven

Cheryl E. Maupin to David Seth Bellar, property in Breezy Banks, Bath Townshhip