High Five: Norman catches, shoots and runs

Published 10:00 am Saturday, December 24, 2022

Washington High School senior Christian Norman was a receiver on the football team, starts for the basketball team and competes in four track events. The Washington native didn’t play football until high school, but hopes to continue his career in college.

  1. How did you discover football after not playing until high school?

Christian: Basketball was always my sport growing up. (Former WHS assistant) Kevin Chapman started talking to me about playing football after school had already started my freshman year. I decided to try and I liked it. I was behind everybody that year, but stayed with it and was part of the off-season program before my sophomore year.

  1. What made you like football enough to commit to the off-season program?

Christian: (Former teammate) William Reid really pushed me and I found out I liked the weight-room. I liked getting stronger and seeing my progress. I liked having fun with my teammates and they all encouraged me to stay with it.

  1. What were the highlights from your senior season?

Christian: I caught three touchdown passes against SouthWest Edgecombe, which was my most productive game by far and I made a really hard, diving catch on the sideline against South Central. Also, just being part of the team and developing as a person and athlete were my highlights.

  1. Your basketball team is talented, but young. As the only experienced senior, how do you help them and what’s been the most fun so far?

Christian: I just know I have to be a leader and always try to stay positive on and off the floor. I can’t lose my cool and get frustrated because I have to show them how to act. I tell them to take a deep breath and relax during tense situations.

The most fun thing about basketball is dunking. It’s amazing the force it takes to leave the ground. My first one came at South Central my sophomore year and our bench went crazy. It’s an awesome feeling when I dunk.

  1. Christmas is Sunday. What are your favorite traditions?

Christian: I enjoy being around my family a lot. We go to my cousins house to eat breakfast and open presents. It would be fun to have a white Christmas, but I doubt it will happen. I also like watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

Bonus question: What are your plans after graduation?

Christian: I’d like to go somewhere to play football. I’ve talked to Elizabeth City State, Saint Augustine and Louisburg. Elizabeth City State is my top choice if football doesn’t work out and I’d like to major in sports medicine.