The glass half full

Published 4:02 pm Friday, February 17, 2023

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When facing the many battles and challenges of life, staying positive is one of the most effective mind set one can have.  Being positive can turn many a no into a yes and it can create many avenues of transforming the impossible into being possible. it can also be fertilizer for growing many relationships in various organizations and places.

I read a small article on the internet that alluded to the fact that a “positive attitude is a mixed formula of positive thinking.”

I believe this has all to do with what our mind comprehends when faced with both a planned and unplanned dilemma.  I believe at this point one will either see it as a mission they can accomplish, or a mission that will accomplish them.

Thinking negative can result in the lost of strength that’s needed to stay focused, such loss can cause one to lose the battle/battles.  Even though one of the pre-Exile books of history in the Old Testament: 2 Chronicles 20:15v. tells us “for the battle is not yours, but God.”

He needs us to remain positive while He takes us through such adverse conditions.

 Both positive and negative are outlooks, but negative only sees defeat, permanent brokenness and the glass half empty. Positive only sees victory, success, accomplishments, and the glass half full.

If we have a positive mindset; the reality of our characteristics will merit nothing less than victory, success, and accomplishment.  Even in the gospel of Matthew 12:34v., it explains that our characteristics reveals the occupancy of our heart.   Our heart is the strongest and biggest spiritual reservoir of our beings.  If it’s full of negativity, our attitude, approach, and characteristics will not be the best.   This will cause us to not see the glass as half full but rather half empty.

A positive mindset will allow us to see the glass from the full aspect no matter how much is left.  With a positive mindset one can be a great asset to many communities, churches, and organizations.

Never let the amount in the glass be a determining factor in making a decision to not engage in your endeavors of life, whether it be spiritual or natural.

No matter what the levels in the glass may be, there’s always enough to sustain you in your mission of truth.

No matter how many negative protestors appear to chant that you’ve been defeated, being positive minded and seeing your glass half full will give you the ability to let the negative forces become a stepping stone towards your success.

Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Growth Ministries in Aurora.