Light travelers go far

Published 10:10 am Thursday, March 16, 2023

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In the adolescent world many friends are taking on, each of them have different agendas, different outlooks on life, and different goals.   These individuals may not be the perfect match for those who are looking forward to a positive and prosperous career. In counseling and encouraging the young generation, one of my most important areas I deal with is light traveling.   There comes a time in the adolescent world that one has to unload themselves from the crowd, especially in the latter years of high school and early years of college.

When one travels with excess weight, it can very well cause one to become distracted.  When you travel with the crowd, you not only are attempting to carry your vision, but the visions of many others.   This goes hand in hand with an individual who is’ trying to live life through others.   There are too many people to please in a life of this magnitude, trying to do so will slow one down tremendously especially during critical times when one needs to accelerate in the educational fields to take advantage of opportunities that have been made available to them for a limited amount of time.

According to studies, three of the most common reasons that one fails to reach their educational goals are:

They don’t have time, they lack the know-how, and they are not committed.

The reason they don’t have time is that they make time for others who sometimes have their priorities in the wrong place, and their goals don’t’ match yours.

Because of not taking the time to explore, investigate, and dissect educational opportunities, they will severely lack the ability to recognize the many few opportunities that’s been placed before them.

In the third reason that one fails in going far in life, is that they are not committed to the routine that will assure their arrival to one of life’s most successful moments.

They will find themselves more committed to following other individuals’ directions more than their own.

Even in the Holy scriptures of Hebrew 12:1v. Paul explains to us that many are observing us in what we do to prepare for both this life and the life to come.  To achieve this goal, we must dump the load we are carrying.   We must dump the spectators, the free loaders and those who just along for the ride.

This will make you capable of going very far, giving you the capability to choose and excel in both your natural and spiritual educational field. Travel light and shed the dead weight that only serves to slow you down. You will appreciate light traveling when you are face with an uphill battle. Also know that hills and mountains have only two avenues, one going up and one coming down.

Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Growth Ministries in Aurora.