NHS performs The Lion King

Published 11:38 am Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Northside High School presented Disney’s The Lion King Jr. March 10-11, 2023 at the high school auditorium in Pinetown. The production was directed by Jennifer Woolard.

“For the elephant I will say, that I wanted a big elephant,” Woolard said. “It started as a chicken wire and PVC frame to be light enough to carry and took ten total days to build, mainly on weekends and overnight sessions. I had the students sign the inside frame, and I reminded them that when the show is over and taken apart, ‘he will only exist in our hearts, our memory, and on film.'”

Cast and crew included: Rafiki, Megan Gibbs; Mufasa, Nic Jordan; Sarabi, Rhynn Alligood; Baby Simba/Young Lioness, Paisley Waters/Alyssa Coltrain; Zazu, Maria Winfield; Scar, Charlie Gray; Young Simba, Raylee Harper; Simba, Jakob Fisher; Young Nala, Mariah Hux; Nala, Emma Davis; Sarafina, Mikaleigh Steptoe; Banzai, Calin Warren and Tatum Biggs; Shenzi, Kira Gibbs; Ed, Nick Roberts; Hyenas, Mercedes Harmon, Alex Jordan, Kiley Jackson and Mikaleigh Steptoe; Timon, Summer Whitley; Pumbaa, Devin Whichard; Giraffes, Lucas Council and Nic Moore; Ensemble, Addyson Davenport, Mariah Jones, Sierra Minor, Landon Modlin, Jayvian O’Neal, Trinity O’Neal, Kayla White, Makayla Flynn and Gabby Mullen; Sound & Light Crew, Abby Jarvis, Jackson Waycaster and Devin Wynn.

Lion King Program