Breaking the cycle will yield a greater return

Published 4:17 pm Friday, April 14, 2023

By Stewart Ham

One of my favorite sayings at New Growth Unlimited Ministries, Inc. is: “If you always do what you always done, you will always have, what you always had.”   The essence of this phrase is to never expect new things from an old routine.

Even the Apostle Paul mentions to Galathea’s to ponder this word of truth, whatever you plant or invest will basically determine your return.  Therefore, the more you invest the more your return will be.   To invest more will require breaking the cycle.

Breaking the cycle reflects change. We find in the present society that some people hate change.  Reason being, change reflects effort, this effort causes one to leave their comfort zone, which is something everyone is not ready to do.

I’ve said many times in my previous articles that success, victory and achievements are not free.   It requires much effort and the welcoming of change.

It also requires the willingness to explore new grounds and learn new things and ideas.  This at minimum is the cycle one must be willing to break.

The essence of this particular topic (breaking the cycle) is breaking it for the better, breaking it for a positive outcome.

It’s somewhat taking a step up a ladder, everything we do, and every change we make should a way be for the betterment of both our spiritual life as well as our natural life.

Remember my favorite saying: “If you always do what you always done, you will always have what you always had.”

Be willing to break the cycle especially for the betterment, it will yield you a great return every single time.

The Apostle Paul mentions to Corinth in I Corinthians 15:31v. that he “dies daily.”  Paul was basically saying that he breaks the cycle each day, this is why Paul was able according to Philippians 3:14v., to forget his past negative experiences.

As a leader, Paul knew that negative experiences in the past could very well contaminate future ministries and administrations.

Rather than Paul choosing to harbor ill memories and thoughts, he chose to break the cycle by forgetting them.

As a result, Paul was very much effective in his ministry due to his cycle breaking. We can be just as effective in our spiritual world as well as our natural world if we are willing to break the cycle by being willing to change our old routine agenda.

Stewart Ham is the pastor at New Growth Ministries, Inc. in Aurora.