Write Again … Who are the real heroes?

Published 5:30 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2023

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Where have all the heroes gone?

You may ask this, but be assured they are out there. Oh, yes.

The highly talented athletes, professional, may be admired for their skills, but they are not heroes.

The entertainers, almost all of whom I am absolutely clueless as to the songs they sing, may also be admired by a segment of our society, but they are not heroes.

Those athletes and entertainers, many of them it seems, rake in obscene amounts of money.

I do not begrudge them a penny of it, for such indicates what a segment of culture in our land believes is important, worthy of that which they gain, financially.

Yet my question ‘Where have all the heroes gone?’ remains unanswered.

Let me, then, attempt to answer it. Who are the real heroes?

There are medical doctors, plastic surgeons, orthopedic specialists, who are providing their help to those in such need because of the war in Ukraine. They are the heroes.

There are those who do search and rescue, search and recover, in Ukraine. They are the heroes.

There are those in tornado stricken and flood ravaged places here in our land, and in other parts of the world, who also do such things, often at great risk to themselves. They are the heroes.

The law enforcement men and women who serve admirably, also often do such at risk to themselves. They are the heroes.

And did you know that there are veterinarians providing special services in Ukraine? They are the heroes.

Then there are the caring hospice workers They are the heroes.

Let us not be unaware that there are so many good people in this country who do good things for others every day We may not call them heroes, but in the aggregate, they have an immense positive effect on so many people. You know some of them, as do I.

The courageous Fire and Rescue men and women who respond to fires and other emergencies often do so at no small risk. They are the heroes.

We are all – some of us believe – brothers and sisters. As such, we are called to serve.

Let me conclude this column here, lest it seem ‘I have gone to preaching.’