Empowering small business in rural NC

Published 11:34 am Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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The Pamlico Business Resource Center in Washington, NC., has released a New White Paper titled “EMPOWERING SMALL BUSINESS IN RURAL NC.”

This comprehensive White Paper sheds new light on the growing need to support small businesses in rural areas and provide solutions that address their challenges. The paper underscores the need for a well-coordinated, all-inclusive community program and business ecosystem to overcome these hurdles and stimulate economic growth.

This White Paper focuses on supporting small businesses in rural areas and addressing their challenges. And emphasizes the importance of a well-coordinated community program and business ecosystem for economic growth. The paper discusses the economic benefits of small businesses, identifies obstacles, and proposes solutions. It also highlights the role of entrepreneurial ecosystems, provides recommendations for their development, and emphasizes the significance of clear goals, innovation, and collaboration for long-term sustainability.

Various organizations and stakeholders have expressed their enthusiasm for the White Paper, recognizing its value in addressing the challenges faced by small businesses across the state.

The report has been described as a thoughtful and accurate assessment of building a solid and viable entrepreneurial ecosystem that emphasizes the importance of an engaged local government, intentional community-wide engagement, and the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

During its peer review, The White Paper was acknowledged for speaking directly to many of the points our office encounters in the small business space across the state,” remarked a representative from a state government office. “It serves as a clear statement on the significance of small businesses and entrepreneurs in enhancing our rural communities’ overall prosperity and quality of life.”

The publication has gained recognition as a promising catalyst for economic success, drawing enthusiasm from influential state stakeholders eager to adopt the recommendations outlined in the White Paper. They aim to embrace the strategies presented in the paper and raise awareness about small businesses and entrepreneurs’ vital role in fostering prosperity in rural areas.

For more information or to access the White Paper, please visit the Pamlico Business Resource Center’s website at pamlicobrc.org.

Keith Hudson is executive director of the Pamlico Business Resource Center. He can be reached at 252-833-0137 or keith@pamlicobrc.org.