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Published 2:53 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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It’s nice, friends, having you join me here again. Much appreciated.

It seems, well, at least to me, that possibly not very many people have much interest at all in the specifics of just how our form of governance actually works. Or is supposed to work.

An article in my American Legion June issue magazine is the catalyst for this column.

It is titled “Out of Order” with a drop sentence stating “We’re at risk of losing all that America and its allies built in the wake of World War II.

The thesis is that “order is essential. Nations need some modicum of order to organize and sustain society within their borders, to conduct commerce, trade and other affairs across their borders, to keep the peace along their borders, and to preserve civilization beyond their borders ”

Whew. That is a tall order.

Of course, there is the potential of a downside, because “too much order is not good. That is known as tyranny. But too little order is just as bad; that’s chaos.”

The author of this viewpoint, Alan W. Dowd, opines that “In the international system they built from the rubble of World War II, the United States and its closest allies offered a happy and healthy medium between extremes.”

Then comes that which should really concern us: “That post war order is under sustained assault today.”

For those unconcerned, oblivious, to such a warning, then I say let them continue to watch “Family Feud”, The Kardashians”, read “People Magazine” and other such fare. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Let me conclude with “Foundations – some call it the ‘rules-based democratic order, others liberal international order.'”

“They developed rules and norms of behavior, encouraged democratic governance, promoted liberal (open, freedom-oriented) political and economic institutions, and called upon governments to live up to their responsibilities by promoting good order within and across their borders.”

Let me close with “Enemies – If the free world proves unable today to follow the example set by those men, hostile regimes will replace the liberal order with something less liberal and less orderly.”

There is so much more in the piece I’ve been quoting, that was in the American Legion magazine. I suspect not very many have stayed with me to this point. That I understand. Just let me finish thus: May God continue to bless America. Let us be deserving of such blessings.