The Inn on Bath Creek is for sale

Published 6:38 am Saturday, June 17, 2023

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By Clark Curtis, For the Washington Daily News

After eight years as owners and operators of The Inn on Bath Creek, Dale and Maree Richards Benson have decided it is time for the next chapter in their lives. “We just thought now made the most sense to put it on the market while we were still enjoying it,” said Maree with a big smile. “We have just gotten to the point where we want to sit back and have more time to ourselves. We simply want to part before we get tired of it.”

In 2015, Dale was a retired Navy veteran of 30 years and a contractor in Washington, DC. Maree, had been in the catering business for over 20 years. “We both decided it was time for a change,” said Maree. “We were looking for something we could do together and have fun with. So, we set out to find a bed and breakfast where we could also live ourselves. As fate would have it we saw that the Inn was for sale and we decided to come down and take a look.”

The 1999 purpose built bed and breakfast nestled amongst the trees, with all of its southern charm and peacefulness, proved to be exactly what they were looking for and then some. “It was literally a “wow” moment when we first opened the door and laid eyes on the grand entrance that leads you directly to the large sitting area and the stone fireplace,” said Dale.

“It was all so unique and wonderful,” added Maree. “It not only was a home where we could live, but also a bed and breakfast for others to enjoy. And the atmosphere was so positive. Plus, Bath is such a wonderful town.”

They were sold and so was The Inn on Bath Creek. “I remember our first day as the new owners back in October of 2015,” said Dale. “The neighbors welcomed us and said “Oh by the way, a hurricane is coming tomorrow.” To be honest we were more concerned about our household goods and when the would be arriving than the storm. Thankfully, everything worked out just fine.”

The Inn has four spacious bedrooms for guests, each with their own ensuite bathroom. There is a large breakfast area where guests can enjoy breakfast together, a small library, a large sitting area, and a separate TV area for the guests. “We really didn’t have that much work to do,” said Dale. “We did the usual like painting, decorating, and getting new furniture. Over the years we have continued to make updates and put our own touches into it.”

The number of guests who have walked through the front doors have varied from the locals in Washington, Greenville, and Raleigh-Durham, to those from all over the world. “I remember one morning when the Inn was full, we had couples from Germany, Switzerland, France and England, all sitting the breakfast table at the same time” said Dale with a big chuckle. “It certainly made for some interesting conversations as they interacted with one another and learned of many of the things they had in common. We get all sorts of folks, which makes it very enjoyable and interesting for the two of us as we learn about them and who they are.”

For the Bensons’ it is a rather bittersweet knowing that it is time to go, but at the same time is a place the has provided a lot of special memories. “Am I emotional, yes and no,” said Maree.“We really have been blessed with the opportunity to do this. And I have to say there has never been a dull moment. We have loved it and it has been a great occupation.”

“Having been in the military for 30 years, I obviously moved around a lot,” said Dale. “It’s like one door opens after the last door closes. So this door is closing and we see another opening. Who knows where that one will lead.”

The Bensons may be saying goodbye to The Inn on Bath Creek but not to Bath. They have been smitten by this small historic town, and plan to remain there.