Let your word be true no matter what

Published 3:58 pm Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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By Rev. Stewart Ham

Growing up as a young boy in Aurora, while working on the farm, I observed the conversations between other farmers.   They would make business deals at the tailgates of trucks of what one was willing to give and what the other was willing to give in return and afterward they would shake hands on it.  The never hired lawyers to draw up agreements or contracts.

When the time came for delivery, every item that was discussed and promised was delivered, even extra items were given.  They would always make the statement “a man’s word is his bond.”

 Life was simple then; however, life today is more complicated, more expensive, and more involved but this doesn’t take the place of honesty and trustworthiness.   The world is in need of people who are true to their word.

When one allows God to season their heart, their word will be made of steel symbolically speaking.  Their word and response will fall into the categories of honesty, trustworthiness, truthfulness and having great integrity.

There are many people who are building their educational world physical world or more.  They depend on true words of encouragement, guidance, and even corrections.  This is considered positive communication.

According to Ephesians 5:6v. God gives warning to those who give vain words.  Paul explains to Ephesus that the wrath of God will come upon those who deceive and mislead others.   This is a point of disobedience causing one to experience the wrath of God.

We must understand that people are trying to find their way, and when our word is not true, we are basically removing the road signs that points them in the right direction.

To take it even further, Jeremiah 23:1v. explains the one who scatters and leads away people in general become recipient of the “woes.”

The definition of woe is “great sorrow and or distress.”  Basically, when your word is not good, you find yourself experiencing sorrow of some sort along with unexplained discomfort.

Let your word be true to all men at all times, that’s your time and opportunity to be an effective witness. It’s also your contribution towards this society of people who may be your community, your church, and even your family.  Let your word be true no matter how much deception may be around you attempting to persuading you otherwise.

Stewart Ham is the Pastor at New Growth Unlimited Ministries Inc. in Aurora.