Write Again …When will we ever learn?

Published 4:08 pm Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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A caveat: Today’s offering may depress you. It should.

Also, it may make you angry, at that which I cite; or at me for so doing.

So be it. Now let me begin.

The bombing of the Baptist church down South in which four little girls were killed while at Sunday school.

The shooting down of college students protesting “that” war.

The slaying of young men registering to vote.

The assassination of our young president.

The murder of the U.S. Senator-former Attorney General-candidate for President.

The physical abuse of and subsequent confinement of Freedom Riders in the most notorious prison in the land.

The long history of antisemitic acts and desecrations which continues today.

The malfeasance of a former president, who subverted the U.S. Constitution he was sworn to uphold.

There’s more, of course, but let me ask you to come across the Atlantic.

In the early 1930’s, in Germany, two men at a social function were discussing the political situation: “We’ll make Germany great again”, referring to the Nazi party, said one to the other.

Now, know that I am not saying our land is evincing sentiments like or similar to those in the Fatherland those many years ago. Well, there are some who do, unfortunately. Thank God they are not in the majority.

Sound familiar? We know how that turned out. The “Thousand-Year Reich” lasted twelve years. (“Winter, a novel of a Berlin family” – 1987).

As I said at the outset, this column might depress you, make you angry, at what I have cited, or at me for having the audacity to do so.

Please know, however, that I do appreciate your readership.

Next week, Lord willing . . . APROPOS – “One thing we learn from the past is that we don’t learn from the past.”