Beaufort County Economic Development office relocates to historic downtown Washington

Published 6:00 am Monday, July 24, 2023

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By Ellen Brabo, For Washington Daily News

The Beaufort County Economic Development (BCED) department has found a new home at 108 Union Drive, marking a significant shift from its previous location at 705 Page Road, where it had been operating since 2003.

Their previous location, owned by the Committee of 100, had been an essential space for the BCED for two decades, fostering the growth of numerous companies, including temporary tenants like MJM Yachts.

Their new location, situated in the Historic Downtown of Washington, offers a modest 2,000 square feet, in contrast to the previous 20,000 square feet. The decision to downsize was strategic, as it allowed the BCED to meet the requirements of a company that was looking to relocate to Beaufort County.

“We are super excited, we wanted to be downtown,” shared BCED Director Brad Hufford. “We were out on an island out there. We are very close to our other county departments and tied in now.”

The relocation downtown holds several advantages for the BCED. The move enables them to showcase Downtown Washington, one of the biggest selling points of Beaufort County, to potential clients. It also allows the Economic Development team to spend more time with prospective clients, highlighting the community’s strengths and benefits.

The modern, updated office space serves as a showpiece for Beaufort County, leaving a positive first impression on international tenants and investors.

“When they walk into an office that is clean, modern, and up to private sector standards, they will feel like they are investing in a community that invests in itself,” explained Hufford.

The new office space not only benefits the BCED’s operations but also offers significant cost savings for the county. Downsizing from the previous expansive facility will lead to considerable reductions in utility expenses. This extra budget will be allocated to vital areas such as workforce development, recruitment efforts, and participation in trade shows.

BTW Global, an e-commerce company relocating from Pitt County, will lease the former economic development office at the industrial park for a couple of years. This move offers them the opportunity to consolidate their 30 employees under one roof while they plan for a new facility within Beaufort County in the future.

“They are a great company, and they are going to fit in very well here,” said Hufford. “[BTW Global] is just a great fit and they are in growth mode. Their nature of wanting to give back and do things is going to be a great corporate citizen for Beaufort County.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for BTW Global’s new location, organized by the Committee of 100, is scheduled for July 27th.