Write Again …Special souls and subjects

Published 9:04 pm Thursday, July 27, 2023

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SWEET MEMORIES – My Incomparable First Wife and I attended her WHS Class of ’63 reunion in July. (Mine was the Class of’57.)

These gatherings are always very pleasant and there’s genuine conviviality there. Caring people.

Of note, perhaps unique only to that high school class, are two things:

Two members attained the rank of Sergeant Major in the military. That, for those who are without military experience and may not appreciate, is little short of amazing. They are Wayne Baker and Billy Hales.

The other truly notable thing involves a silhouette, an iconic photo, that appeared in newspapers all over this land and in many countries.

It featured a lone soldier, somewhere in war ravaged Vietnam. The starkness, the powerful poignance of it, was/ is emotion producing. The soldier was identified as Royce Barrow from Washington, N.C.

Three lads from the WHS Class of’63. That’s special.

SPECIAL MEN – Marshall Todd Singleton is generous, in many ways, almost beyond measure. Generous of his assets, and of his time and talents freely given in helping others. This former fellow classmate and team mate serves humanity and seeks no recognition or acclaim.

Much the same can be said – and I have done so in this column in the past -about Paul Bright. He is one of many local men who are ramp builders for the handicapped. His mantra is, “There’s always a need.”

Indeed there is. And there’s always a need for special souls such as Marshall Todd and Paul. Always.

PURPLE REIGN -Also in July a delightful gathering was held downtown at a nice establishment to honor Jewelle Rogers in recognition of her 90th birthday. The predominant color was purple, of course. She was a cheerleader for the Pirates back in the day.

STILL SAD – For those of us who have been given the gift of longevity, the aches, pains, and infirmities that come with it have to be endured. That’s simply the way of it. I suspect such as we, however, also think often of all those who were a part of our lives who are no longer here. That, friends, makes one sad. Palpably so.

Let us be grateful for those memories that are sweet.