A Win-Wynne: BTW Global relocates headquarters to Beaufort County

Published 9:56 am Monday, July 31, 2023

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By ELLEN BRABO / For the Washington Daily News

BTW Global (BTWG), an e-commerce, digital marketing, and consulting firm founded by identical twin brothers Trent and Brent Wynne, successfully completed its relocation from Pitt County to Beaufort County, marking a significant milestone for the company and the local community. A press conference and sign unveiling ceremony were hosted at their new location, the Beaufort County Skills Center situated at 705 Page Road, to celebrate the momentous occasion on July 27.

Initially starting as tenants in Pitt County back in 2017, BTWG later purchased the roughly 12,000 square foot space they were operating out of. However, the segmented space made it challenging to operate and prompted the co-founders to explore new opportunities for their company.

After recognizing the name of their Certified Public Accountant’s husband on the Committee of 100 website, Cole Woolard, Finance Director for BTWG, played a pivotal role in initiating the connection, which eventually led them to Beaufort County. Recognizing the potential for incentives in the new location, BTWG engaged in discussions about the possibility of moving their headquarters.

Brad Hufford, the Beaufort County Economic Development Director, visited BTWG’s existing office and warehouse space in Pitt County, paving the way for deeper conversations about the company’s future in Beaufort County.

With the support of Bob Rich, a member of the Committee of 100, BTWG made a momentous decision.

“I told Bob, ‘If you move us into [the Skills Center] with the warehouse space and the office space, that would be the deal maker for us,’” shared Brent, Chief Operating Officer for BTWG. “Since that conversation, everything we have done since then has been to make [the move] happen basically.”

At the press conference and sign unveiling event, a host of distinguished guests were present to celebrate BTWG’s new chapter in Beaufort County. Among those in attendance were members of the Committee of 100, the County Manager, City Manager, the Mayor, members of the Washington City Council, and Beaufort County Commissioners. The BTWG employees and members of the community also joined in the festivities.

Greenville officials, not wanting to lose the successful and growing company, put in a concerted effort, flying in developers from various locations to convince BTWG to stay in Pitt County. However, the brothers felt that Beaufort County provided a more intimate and suitable environment for their business. Their roots in Martin County and the welcoming atmosphere of Beaufort County, where they had fond memories of visiting for Bojangles as teenagers, were the driving forces behind their decision.

“Their presentations were immaculate; they really had their stuff together,” shared Brent. “But Beaufort County just feels more intimate and like a better fit for us. Beaufort County gives us the opportunity to have a larger impact on the economy.”

The relocation is expected to bring positive economic impact to Beaufort County. With 42 jobs being brought to the area and plans to add 20 more jobs over the next three years, BTWG is committed to creating high-paying job opportunities for the community. The company’s expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, and consulting positions them well to make a significant contribution to the local business landscape.

“[BTWG] is just a great fit and they are in growth mode,” said Hufford. “Their nature of wanting to give back and do things is going to be a great corporate citizen for Beaufort County.”

BTWG’s commitment to collaboration, job creation, and innovation remains at the core of their operations. Their vision extends beyond business success, as they aim to create a blueprint for retaining young professionals.

“We have a very talented and loyal staff,” emphasized Brent.

With their relocation to Beaufort County, BTWG aspires to not only continue its impressive growth but also to make a positive impact on the local economy, foster community development, and inspire other companies to thrive in the area.