Washington Boys & Girls Club: “Ready Minds, Driving Futures” Back to School Event

Published 2:00 pm Monday, August 14, 2023

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By Clark Curtis for the Washington Daily News

Over 400 people attended the Ready Minds, Driving Futures Agape Health Services Back to School event at the Washington Boys and Girls Club. This was a true collaborative effort between Agape Health Services, Kingdom Distributors and Eternal Legacy, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain, Washington Unit. “I had been wanting to do a community event in Beaufort County where we got our start,” said ReAnne Mayo, head of community outreach and marketing with Agape Health Services. “After attending a fundraising event earlier this year for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain, Washington Unit, I reached out to Janée Johnson, the director, to discuss the idea of doing going back to school event. Together we knew that we would come up with something to help the children. Our brainchild blossomed into what we saw today.”

Each child was provided with a free book bag complete with pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies. Additional items for the family included hygiene supplies, baby wipes, and laundry detergent. There was also a talent show, essay writing contest, and plenty of smoked barbecued chicken and hamburgers to go around. “My initial reaction is wow!” said Johnson. “I had no idea following my meeting with Miss ReAnne, how beautiful and fantastic this day would turn out. It is always so great to see the community come out in support of an event such as this.”

Fellow partner Kingdom Distributors and Eternal Legacy here in Washington, donated many of the supplies for the event in addition to the food. “We look to galvanize the community by bringing partners to the table so we can do bigger and better things,” said Pastor James Moore, founder of Kingdom Distributors. “Agape approached us about two weeks about partnering on the event and we said absolutely. Being an asset and bringing added value to the community is what we do. Next year we hope to bring together even more partners, who oftentimes work in isolation, so we can have an even bigger event. The greatest gift for me is to have the opportunity to serve others.”

Through the help of Kingdom Distributors, three barbers, two cosmetologists, and one manicurist were on site.“Our kids were treated to haircuts and some got their nails done,” said Johnson. “As the adage goes, “if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you look good.” I hope the excitement we saw today continues through the upcoming school year.”

Added Mayo, “a couple of the kids said this was their best day ever!”

The children were wild with excitement, energy, and never stopped moving. By all accounts it was an outstanding success.