We dodged some bad weather

Published 6:13 pm Monday, September 25, 2023

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Hurricane season is not the best time to live on the Pamlico River, though there is never a bad time to live on the river. Not in my opinion anyway. Tropical Storm Ophelia dumped four feet of water under my home. There are some people that have it much worse than Tracey and me.

We saw boats, jet skis and piers floating down the river.  We did not lose our jet ski and one neighbor lost the front of his pier.  Next hurricane, maybe we will lose ours, but I hope not.

One time, Gray Robinson and I drove through a hurricane getting back to Williamston and that was the first time I saw my mother crying.  You see, the home was on the ground and it was fully furnished after a hurricane.  That is when my dad realized it needed to be raised 11 feet above sea level.  Tracey and I had shelves built under the house and that saved us this time.

We had not seen the tide surge so fast in recent hurricanes.  I had let my cat out (Rascal) out and the first words out of Tracey’s mouth, ” You did not let Rascal out “?  The water rose that fast and David Weatherly came and said to remove our cars from under the house.  We moved them to higher ground.  Thank you, neighbor!

We faired pretty good this time but the next hurricane we may not be so lucky.  Our neighbors with enclosed ground floor did not do so well. Tracey had prepared our home so we dodged this one.

Tracey just received another shipment of books! Thank you to those who bought books and if you want Christmas presents order yours now!  Let us promote Washington and the good times we use to have! Tell them about Carver’s and the days we stopped at Jolly’s.

They were the best of times with the best of friends and in the best of places, Washington, N.C.  The Original Washington!