Write Again…”Thank You” is inadequate

Published 4:23 pm Thursday, October 5, 2023


Buenas Dias, amigos. Nice to be with you again. Es verdad.

Moving on. Let it not be said one can’t learn something new, something interesting, from the pen of that noted scribe of “Write Again.” Ah, such modesty.

Even though through all these years I thought I played football for the 11th Armored Cavalry in Germany, I find that not so.

To explicate. In a recent column I discovered otherwise. How so? You ask, with tremendous curiosity.

Well, I’ll tell you. In the paper it said I played for the “Calvary.” That certainly lends a touch of religion to it, for sure.

Oh, well. How did this word misusage (misspelling) happen? The bumper sticker syndrome. You know, “stuff happens.” Yes it do.

So. I received the following anonymous letter, which I am compelled to share with you, as follows:

As I Tell: A thank you to the author of “Write Again”

As I tell,

I am both honored and terrified

At the opportunity and the heavy responsibility

To not only honestly tell

What is in my heart and head,

But to keep my telling from stealing life from the

Telling of others:

Awakened in them, by mine.

It is this bivalent

That I imagine many writers and tellers love and fear,

And it is this delicate balance for which,

In their most sacred moments,

Many of them strive.

It may be best understood

By tellers and writers

Of conscience and goodwill,

That when, in solitude and critical reflection


They tell their telling or read their writing

To themselves,

There comes upon them,

A moment of uncomfortable concern,

And then hope,

That they have not only done no harm,

Or wrongly stolen the spotlight and the moment,

But released a flood

Of unimaginable good and insight in, and from,

An unknown many.

This, I believe you have done.

Humble thanks from one of the unknown many.

September 21, 2023.