Reaping what’s sown

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, October 19, 2023

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There are phrases that’s mentioned many times such as: “what comes around, goes around, and “carma is always on the move.”

These phrases give the message of what you bring to others can come back to you, or basically what you pass to others that’s not good can be passed either to you or someone that’s very close to you. Some at times uses these phrases in the negative form as words of revenge. However, in the holy scriptures we can see somewhat similar events.

In 2 Samuel 11: we see that King David gave a command that covered his tracks that resulted in an innocent man losing his life in a battle.

In 2 Samuel 18:23v. King David’s son Absalom was also killed in a battle.  To see the hurt that was in David’s eyes and mind was horrendous, especially when we hear what he said in verse 33, David said he wished it would have been him dying rather than his son Absalom.

Even though Eliam was not Uriah’s biological father, he loved Uriah like a son and would have been just as hurt as David was.

The facts of life concerning reaping what’s sown, happens.  Even Jesus tells us in the writings of Paul to the church of Galatia that one harvests the very crop they sow.

Reaping what’s sown can refer just as much to the positive side as well as the negative.

Knowing the negative side should be enough to persuade us to want to stay on the positive side.

Positively thinking, the benefits of reaping good deeds are the very results of good deeds that’s been done.

One’s aim in doing good for others is helping them in the time of need whether they are deserving or not.

God uses people to reach people, doing good and positive things to and for people is basically God’s ways of reaching them.  I’ve said many times at New Growth Unlimited Ministries, that we are no more than an opportunity for others just as someone was an opportunity for us.”  We took advantage of the opportunity, and prayerfully others will do the very same.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. made the statement “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

From these statements we see only the positive things carries more and makes more of a great difference.

 Doing the right thing to build and both having and showing love can bring a vast majority of defeat upon hate and separation.

Dr. King along with other great leaders in our country, state, city, and community has done outstanding deeds that has blessed many both today and tomorrow. For many of the leaders are not hear today but the results of their works live on to the point that even their families are benefitting.  This is where you began to reap the good deeds you have sown.

Stewart Ham is the pastor at New Growth Unlimited Ministries in Aurora