Pamlico Rose Institute hosts pre-retreat for women veterans

Published 8:16 am Saturday, October 21, 2023

By Ellen Brabo, For Washington Daily News 

Pamlico Rose Institute (PRI), a local non-profit dedicated to fostering wellness and resilience among women veterans, hosted a soft opening retreat at their newly inaugurated Rose Haven Center of Healing, last weekend.

 “More of a pre-retreat, this get together solicited women veterans to offer their thoughts on how future retreats and events could better serve the needs of women veterans,” shared Dr. Robert Sands, Executive Director at PRI.

 Discussions centered around establishing a mentorship-friendly environment that bridges the gap between veterans and the local community. Participants brainstormed effective self-help courses to aid women veterans navigating the challenging transition from military to civilian life.

 Sands guided attendees through a tour of the restored 1892 farmhouse, wellness gardens and a transformed pole barn now serving as a maker-space. The Rose Haven residence will serve as a sanctuary, hosting retreats, educational sessions, and group meetings.

 PRI’s mission revolves around advancing wellness and resilience programs tailored for women veterans, many of whom grapple with the repercussions of trauma and other challenges stemming from their military service. The Center is designed to foster healthy living through a spectrum of wellness activities and events emphasizing nature, creative expression, movement and community building.

 Within the barn, there is a woodworking shop as well as spaces for stained glass and visual arts and an outdoor pottery studio –  all of which were incorporated to encourage artistic expression. The gardens have been designed with wheelchair-accessible pathways, raised vegetable beds, a garden labyrinth and a council ring for social gatherings and meditation.

 The grand opening of PRI is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4 and will have a brief ceremony. The public will be given an opportunity to explore the center to learn more about PRI’s unique mission supporting women veterans and the local community.

 “It is a joyous and momentous occasion as this project of love and inspiration has taken time to get to where it is today,” said Sands.

 For more information about the Rose Haven Center of Healing and PRI’s mission to support women veterans and the local community, please visit