Write Again…A caveat and concerns

Published 4:13 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A CLEAR CAVEAT – “When the one great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes notthat you won or lost, but how you played the game.”

That, friends, call it a metaphor or literary allusion, whatever you will, is about as clear a caveat orlife-living guideline we’ll see.

And no (I know one shouldn’t start a sentence with “and.”) the expression certainly impliessomething larger than just some game, some athletic endeavor.

 THINKING -A fairly frequent conversational exchange between my

Incomparable First Wife goes like this. “What are you thinking about?” say I, when she seems tobe ina thoughtful mode.

Her reply will almost always be, “I’m just thinking, “and then I’ll say, “I’ve told you about that,”carrying the meaning that too much thinking isn’t good.

Sometimes, however, her response to my question is “Nothing.”

My father once told me, when I was a youth, “You think too much.” Of course, I was young, still athome, and knew a whole lot. (Well, I probably thought I did.)

ANGST -The road in front of our house -the Mimosa Shores road -has recently been resurfaced.

It’s quite nice, only . . .only it seems to encourage some, perhaps many, to drive by at unsafespeeds.

This causes us much unease, because of the danger it realistically poses to deer, dogs, cats,turtles, winged creatures, et al. Plus people who walk by.

Especially do we worry about our two cats, who are domiciled in the garage, with all the comfortsneeded, but like to be outside when weather allows. They are both rescue cats, and we considerthem family.

The posted speed limit is 45 mph, but that is much too fast, a part of the “cookie cutter”approach, one that seems not to take into account varying circumstances and conditions.

Having absolutely no political clout, nor access to anyone who does, we just hope -and pray -thatsomething doesn’t happen to Sammy and Inky. Many other critters through the years have losttheir lives. Sad.

It need not be so.