Let’s welcome the process

Published 4:01 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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When we look at the technical definition of process, it’s basically an action/actions or steps taken for the purpose of achieving a particular goal.

When one overwhelmed themselves with the finished product, to them at that point the process becomes a drag.  When one is not matured to, or made ready for the finished product, they will be incapable of processing it upon its arrival. There’s a process for everything; when we wish to purchase something, wisdom teaches us to learn the facts and fine print before signing on the dotted line.  We should already know the process will take resources, time and opportunity to gather this information.

In the Book of Hebrews 10:5v. it gives a very brief peek into the conversation Jesus had with God concerning the redemption of mankind.  We should know that God can change things in a snap of His finger, however to show us a process He did it in stages, the seven days could have been seven seconds.

When we look at the prophecy mentioned in Hebrews 10: there was a tremendous amount of time passed before this prophecy came to manifestation.  This however was God’s perfect process in redeeming all mankind spiritually.

When I Corinthians 14:40v. mentions about things being decent and in order, this is basically a result of the steps that’s taken in the process.  The process will produce decency in an orderly fashion.

When we look at some things that surfaces during the process, one of the first is laws that one must follow, attitude that one must have, the financial status one must imitate and maintain, and the list just keeps growing.

From this we should know that the process is very large and broad.  Therefore, we should take from it what’s usable and applicable for the moment.   As we go through life this will happen again and again.

To some they believe the process that appears before them during various stages of life will slow the pace of reaching the finished product.  This is where many will somewhat lose it due to their low patience level.  They feel as though certain things that have to be done during the process are not necessary.

However, what they don’t realize is there’s valuable lessons that can be learned through doing the necessary things.

That’s basically the secrets you find in the process.  When one can take the exit door out of the “it’s mines and I want it now” room, they will be more acceptable of the process.

God’s process of creating man, earth and the universe was seven days, it was all perfect in construction and still is.  When we take our time and go through the process our finished product will be well put together and something you would be proud of.

 Joseph B. Strauss was the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge. He saw during the process the importance of surrounding himself with the right people during the 1930s.  At the completion and dedication of such magnificent structure he was very proud.  His building process was about nine years.

Man’s process time for making it to Heaven and being a recipient for eternal life is a lifetime, and we know that process time of life varies from one person to another with God being in control.

 Let us therefore welcome the process, it builds rather than demolishes, it makes one stronger rather than weaker, and it’s a friend to all who seek success and prosperity.

Rev. Stewart Ham is the pastor of New Life Ministries Inc. in Aurora.