Write Again…Politics, religion, sex

Published 3:56 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Guten tag, alles!

The title of today’s scribblings gotcha, didn’t it? Well, now, there’s no way I’m going to writeabout any of those subjects. No way. It was a tease, a hook, if you will.

Living where I do, writing about such would not be wise. Especially if my views were notaligned with most.

On the positive side, however, probably so few read my writings that worrying is wastedconcern.

Besides, given such generous longevity, worrying is a poor use of my remaining journeyhere.

Now, that’s not to say I’m not aware of the tragic events that have transpired in so many parts ofthe world. Tragic doesn’t even come close to fully characterizing the horror, the evil, the uttersadness, grief, of it. Not even close.

One does not have to be a scholar of the Christian Bible to understand that this world is nostranger to man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. The Old Testament is filled with suchexamples.

This has been a lot of rambling from a second-rate intellect. You see, I’m smart enough to knowI’m not very smart. If that makes sense.

So. Just how do I come up with enough to fill today’s endeavor? Let me, then. At leastattempt to do so.

If the following had a topic title, it might be “It’s a Challenge.” Or perhaps just “Didactic.” Or”Break the Mirror.”

So. Watching early morning news, a well-known celebrity was being interviewed. He hadjust had a book published, in which he shared his belief that there are seven things one can doto make life meaningful.

The last of the seven was “Break the Mirror.” That’s right, break your mirror. The point beingwe should look away from self, and see, really see, that which is out there: need, suffering,grieving.

He said he learned that from his former father-in-law, who had years before led the PeaceCorps, then the Job Corps. Striving to help those who needed it most.

Who was this public servant? Sergeant Shriver, husband of one of the sisters

in that very famous family.

And who was the celebrity being interviewed? That’s right. You guessed it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s not too late for us to break our mirrors.