Chatting with Charlie over breakfast

Published 3:58 pm Monday, December 18, 2023

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Charlie Alligood and I have breakfast together most Friday mornings. Charlie was a tackle on one of the best teams that Coach Wagner ever had at Washington High School.  What we talk about is the way it used to be in the best of times. We recall many things, among them is the way we used to endorse a check.

Our name was on the back of the check and we could cash it anywhere. I remember cashing a check at W. B. Scott’s supermarket on 15th

Street with Cambo Rodman. I just got paid a hefty $3.00 for cutting a ladies yard. We both got a drink and pack of nabs after we played baseball on Summit Avenue. You could not do that now.

The use of credit cards was another thing we talked about. Credit cards were not used when we were growing up. Credit cards had a way of getting you in financial trouble and we do know when they came into existence.

Another topic we talked about were carhops at Mrs. Carver’s after Coach Wagner put us through 50 yards 10 times during football practice. It must have been 10. The carhops were always girls and we would be glad to see them after a hard practice, especially in the morning. Charlie and I would both order the same: five chili dogs and a big coke that would have a touch of cherry in it over that shaved ice. They were only 10 cents back then.

Charlie was three years older than me and man, the things we can remember. Remember when gas stations use to wash your windows and check your oil? Now you have to check it yourself.

Coach Wagner would put atomic bomb on any kind of injury.  You wrapped your ankles during every practice. You would put your name on the dressing wall and your number too.

Charlie does not know this but he was the first person I ever saw wearing a letter jacket. I wanted one so bad. William Neal Martin use to wear his all the time but the first person I saw with a monogram jacket was Charlie.

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They were the best of times with the best of friends and in the best of places, Washington, N. C. The Original Washington!